Professional> Investment Finance Association (IFA)

The Investment Finance Association (IFA) serves to strengthen educational pursuits, facilitate networking opportunities and enhance recruiting efforts among UCLA Anderson students and financial services organizations. Our association focuses on students and professionals who operate or have an interest in the following areas: investment banking, investment management, corporate finance and private equity. As one of the largest student organizations on campus — with more than 300 current members and thousands of IFA alumni — the IFA has the ability to pool resources from an extensive and impressive array of backgrounds in order to achieve its goals.


IFA Officers


Jonathan Wagmeister


Brianna Hammer

VP of Education

Ariel Berkson

VP of Finance

Andrew Pavloff

VP of Communications and Alumni Relations

Adam Harbaugh

VP of Events

Jason Cole

VP of Diversity

Charles Fields

VP of Corporate Finance

Jack Hart

VP of FEMBA Relations

Hannah Greene

AIA President

Addison DeVone

Head Director of Investment Banking

Nitin Bansal

Director of Investment Banking – DOJ

Mark Zerlang

Director of Investment Banking – Career Night

Brett Sanchez

Director of Investment Banking – Career Night

Chris Erdtsieck

Director of Corporate Finance

Alec Dorman

Director of Private Equity

Richard Chiang

AIA Director

Volkan Cambay

AIA Director

Yian Yu

AIA Director

Rodrigo Sonnewend

AIA Director




Investment Banking Career Night

Corporate Finance Career Night

Women-in-Finance Brunch

Investment Management Roundtable

Private Equity Roundtable

Financial Modeling Excel Workshop

Valuation Modeling Workshop

Interview Prep Workshop


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.