Investment Finance Association (IFA)

The Investment Finance Association (IFA) serves to strengthen educational pursuits, facilitate networking opportunities and enhance recruiting efforts among UCLA Anderson students and financial services organizations. Our association focuses on students and professionals who operate or have an interest in the following areas: investment banking, investment management, corporate finance and private equity. As one of the largest student organizations on campus — with more than 300 current members and thousands of IFA alumni — the IFA has the ability to pool resources from an extensive and impressive array of backgrounds in order to achieve its goals.


IFA Officers


Evan Scott


Julian Ysmael

VP of Finance

Bardia Aghdaey

VP of Education

Andrew McDonald

VP of Communications & Alumni Relations

Wesley Adjei

VP of Events

Harry Packer

Anderson Investment Association (AIA) President

Pratyush Kankanwadi

VP of Corporate Finance

Robert Busalacchi

VP of FEMBA Relations

Luis Preciado

VP of Diversity

Charlie Le Moullac

Head Director of Investment Banking & DOJ Director

Eli Cole

Director of Investment Banking – Career Night

Tom Payton

Director of Investment Banking – Career Night

Colleen Mulligan

Director of Corporate Finance

Evan DeDominicis

Director of Private Equity

Victoria Sikes

AIA Director (Head IM ACT Coach)

Jose Leon

AIA Director (Head IM ACT Coach)

Zach Lynch

AIA Director (Investment Conference)

Joon Park

AIA Director (Credit Pitch Competition)




Investment Banking Career Night

Corporate Finance Career Night

Women in Finance Fireside Chat and Networking

Investment Management Roundtable

Private Equity Roundtable

Various Finance Lunch and Learns

Diversity Dinners for Eight (D48s)

Stock Pitch/Credit Competitions

Fink Center Investing Conference

“Training the Street” Workshops (Excel, Valuation, etc.)

Cross-Club Events:

  • Women-in-Finance (in conjunction with the Women’s Business Connection)
  • Corporate Finance Career Night (in conjunction with SOMA)
  • Diversity in Finance (in conjunction with the BBSA, ALMA, AMSA, WBC and more)

Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.