Creatives at Anderson (AnderCreative)

We are a fun bunch of Anderson students who facilitate creative endeavors on campus and off. We help to facilitate activities for those interested in visual art, photography, film, dance, music, spoken word and other creative endeavors. We provide an open, supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their background, skill sets or interests.

Check out the BANDERSON!

Banderson is the official band of Anderson. We play at Stanford C4C's Battle of the Bands and at Anderson’s Got Talent, earning accolades and pleasing the crowds. And we recruit new members every year!

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AnderCreative Officers


Dhara Vyas


Michael Findley


Shivam Chaudhary


Jonathan Moze

VP Cooking

Crystal Hwang

VP Crafts

Manuj Arora

VP Dance

Mareena Haseeb

VP Dance

Lauren Ma

VP Film

Paige Rodrigues

VP Music

Greg Finklestein

VP Photography

Prity Kumari

VP Photography

Jack Browning

VP of Rock n Roll (Banderson)

Supreeti Sharma

VP Storytelling/Spoken Word

Rachel Korsen

VP Visual Arts



  • AC Photo Showcase – Spirit of UCLA
  • Anderson’s COVID-19 Stories: Life Before, During and after COVID-19
  • Anderson's Got Talent
  • BANDerson Band Practices and Performances
  • Bollywood Dance Workshop
  • Food Plating Workshop
  • Hip-Hop Dance Workshop
  • Latin Dance Circuit (in conjunction with LABA)
  • Paint and Wine Night (in conjunction with the Wine Club)
  • Pottery/Flower Arrangement

Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.