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Are you excited about attending school in one of the capitals of comedy? Did you win class clown in high school? Do you wish you won class clown? For anyone interested in sharing a laugh with one of the largest interest groups on campus, then A Comedy Club (ACC) is for you. As a member, you get access to improv workshops to help build your public presence, stand-up comedy lessons, discounted show tickets across L.A. and the most-read newsletter on campus. While we operate as an interest club, ACC will help you build the professional skills that are valued by employers, such as public speaking, teamwork and being a pleasant person to be around.

We aim to do the following:

Show the business world that comedy is an important and undervalued piece of workplace culture.

Connect clubs, students and the community through events, workshops and partnerships.

Develop an improv team that works with corporations to build their staffs’ interpersonal skills.

Ensure that the international community feels welcome through comedy and context events.

Prove that you do not have to be “funny” to be a comedian.

Highlight up-and-coming comedic talents, TV shows and other pieces of content.

Host the most fun, hilarious, and well-produced comedy shows on campus

“Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy. You should learn to enjoy the comic episodes a little more.” – Jeanette Walls
ACC Officers

Improv Workshops
Cross-Club Collaborations
AndersOnion Publications
Stand-up Sessions

International Comedy Cultural Exchanges
Watch Parties
Paid Gigs at Major Corporations
Sketch Shows

Connect With Us
For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.

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