Soccer Club (SC)

The Soccer Club at Anderson is an organization centered on the love of the world's game, soccer. The club is not merely a group of soccer players; it is a collection of 100-plus students representing the international diversity of UCLA Anderson. It is a truly inclusive club with a multitude of nationalities sharing a common passion. It is the love of soccer that brings members together and provides a common outlet to complement the academic and professional experiences at Anderson.


SC Officers


Jacob Green


David Boatwright


Nicolas Rubio

VP of Finance

Pete Ashton

VP of UCLA Tournament

Nahum Armas

VP of UCLA Tournament

Louis Andres

VP of Austin Tournament

Alex Lee

VP of Social Events

Daniel Baek

VP of External Relations

Fola Odetola

VP of External Relations




Weekly intra-club soccer games

UCLA MBA Tournament

University of Texas MBA Tournament in Austin

Stanford C4C Tournament

Traditional first-years vs. second-years game and BBQ

Get-together to watch Champions League


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please email Austin Crane or Steve Rosenfield.