UCLA Anderson School of Management


The Information Systems Research Program (ISRP) receives substantial support from the UCLA Anderson School's IS Associates Program. Beyond the funds provided through their memberships, IS Associates often collaborate in the ISRP's research, providing sites for case studies, for instance. Too, some participate at a higher level as IS Research Associates.

IS Research Associates

IS Research Associates are special member firms of the IS Associates. They are themselves engaged in research complementing that of the Anderson School's ISRP. Through their special membership, they effectively partner with the ISRP in furthering their own research ends as well as those of the Anderson School. The partnership is tailored to serve both the IS Research Associate and the Anderson School.

IS Research Associates are provided with:

· Research project consulting services by arrangement

· Joint research publications as may be appropriate

· Full benefits associated with IS Associates membership


IS Research Associates support the Anderson School's ISRP with:


· Shared research data

· Access to people and research sites as may be appropriate

· Research funds provided through their annual membership

Where appropriate, IS Research Associates may also participate in the ISRP's newly instituted Industrial Fellows Program, which brings new technology leaders and researchers to the UCLA campus from around the world for a one-to-two-week-long series of exchanges with faculty and students across the School and elsewhere on campus, to further mutual learning and build new relationships.

For further information on the IS Research Associates membership, please contact Prof. E. Burton Swanson, Director of the ISRP.