GAP was designed as a way to combine the unique skills of our technology oriented, executive-level MBA students with the needs of foreign technology companies seeking an answer to a critical strategic question.

In our experience, successful new market entry requires a company to be successful enough in their home market to make expansion a realistic next strategic step. 

GAP companies should meet the following requirements.

Corporate Requirements

Companies who qualify for GAP enrollment are required to meet all of the following corporate requirements:

  • Annual minimum turnover/revenues of $500,000 US
  • Foreign-based company that wants to sell in the United States
  • Product/service that is currently generating sales
  • Positive or near positive cash flow to continue operations beyond December 2019

Investment Requirements

To ensure the success of GAP projects, we require a modest investment of time and money, along with access to relevant data. These include:

  • Top management's time to meet with students (~1-2 hours/week over 24 weeks)
  • Two executives travel to UCLA for events on July 19-21, 2019 and December 7, 2019
  • Full access to strategic and financial data
  • Host 2 students at your company headquarters for 3-5 days
  • Payment of $17,000 program fee 

Additional Requirements 

  • A project requiring business or strategic plan development
  • Fluency in English at the senior management level mandatory
  • Current paying customer for products or service that the team will evaluate
  • Sufficient funding and/or a positive cash flow to continue operations for length of the project

Assurance of Confidentiality

UCLA Anderson maintains stringent confidentiality standards regarding each field study project. All students, faculty, staff, and company executives must annually sign a program non-disclosure agreement in order to participate. Over the course of 21 years and 778 successful projects, we are not aware of any alleged breach in confidentiality.