Portrait image for Constança Esteves-Sorenson

Constança Esteves-Sorenson

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Marketing
“Data are critical to good decision making.”
Areas of Expertise:
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Personnel Economics


Constança Esteves-Sorenson joined the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2020 from the Yale School of Management, where she was a senior lecturer. She studies how psychological phenomena affect employee and firm performance.

She is motivated by the rigor that economics brings to data analysis. She notes that in an uncertain economy, the development of computing power and explosion of large data sets yield interesting methodologies for analyses that can be integrated into economics and management research. “I want MBAs to learn concepts and methodologies that will enable them to make better decisions in the workplace,” she says. She advises incoming classes to “learn as much as you can. Your human capital helps insure you against labor market volatility.”

Esteves-Sorenson’s current research explores how hiring, compensation and retention policies affect employee and firm performance. She has conducted field experiments on gift exchange and intrinsic motivation in the workplace and their effects on employees’ productivity. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Management Science and The Economic Journal and has garnered media attention from Financial Times and The Economist.



Ph.D. Business and Public Policy, 2009, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
M.A. Economics, Econometrics and Economic Theory, 2006, UC Berkeley
MBA, 1999, Stanford Graduate School of Business
B.A. Finance, 1994, Institute of Managerial Sciences, Lisbon University, Portugal



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Gift Exchange in the Workplace: Addressing the Conflicting Evidence with a Careful Test, Management Science, September 2018, Vol. 64, Issue: 9, pp. 3971-4470

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The Gender Earnings Gap for Physicians and its Increase Over Time (with Jason Snyder), Economic Letters, July 2012, Vol. 116, pp. 37-41.

Working Papers

Constança Esteves-Sorenson, Vincent Pohl, Ernesto Freitas. Employee Screening, Shirking Deterrence and Gift Exchange: an Empirical Test.

Testing for Biased Information Assimilation in Labor Markets.