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Steven L. Werber

Lecturer in Management and Organizations
“People often consider leadership communications to be all about simply transmitting their own ideas outbound. But inbound modes of active listening ― understanding the audience and recognizing their core concerns and motivations ― are at the heart of effective leadership communication strategies.”
(310) 825-8388
Areas of Expertise:
  • Branding and Communications Strategy
  • Data Systems
  • Leadership Communications
  • Research Methods
  • Small-Group Communication Principles
  • Statistical Models


Steven L. Werber teaches and consults in the areas of leadership communications, strategic presentation techniques, marketing and brand development strategies, and communicating through digital/social media. In addition to his role of principal at Brand Building Experts LLC, Werber is a lecturer at UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he is also faculty adviser in the Applied Management Research (AMR) field study program. Werber works with MBA students and corporate clients on their client branding/communications strategy needs across a variety of industries.

Werber was formerly an instructor at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, where he taught small-group communication principles and effective communication practices.

Formerly responsible for directing Pfizer Pharmaceuticals' annual multimillion-dollar media campaigns, Werber has a strong history of researching and developing persuasive sales approaches, marketing tools, statistical models and data systems. An associate with the McCann Group Inc. since 2011, he has extensive experience in interviewing, group dynamics, qualitative and quantitative research procedures (including research and survey design) and data analysis.

As former president of Market Impact Strategies, a firm specializing in marketing research and communications development, Werber was a force in driving various clients' marketing and communications initiatives, including providing marketing, messaging and advertising support. He has provided research and consulting to executives in a wide range of corporations, including Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, ACNielsen, Honda, Parke-Davis, Johnson & Johnson and other top companies. He also developed various media buying and communications response models used throughout the pharmaceutical industry today.

Werber served as a principal in Xtreme Marketing Intelligence (XMl) LLC, where he developed unique marketing applications in the areas of sales training, market segmentation, psychographics, product image analysis, ad testing, concept testing, sales targeting models and "big data" applications.



Ph.D. Applied Research in Psychology, Hofstra University

M.A. Organizational and Experimental Psychology, Hofstra University

M.A. Clinical Psychology, New York University

B.A., State University of New York, Stony Brook