Easton Courses


Technology Management (241A)

Current Topics in Emerging Technologies & Markets (275)

  • 01 - Innovation in Media & Entertainment Technology
  • 02 - Cloud Computing & Big Data
  • 01 - Product Management
  • 02 - Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence

Special Topics in Management (298D)

  • 08 - Global Payments & Financial Technology Innovaton
  • 04/05 - Technology & Society: A Dynamic Relationship and The Changing Role of Leaders

Please note: this is not a complete list of elective options for the Tech Management Specialization

Industry guest speakers will be an integral part of the course to present current and real-world scenarios given the recentness of the technologies and the rapid pace of market disruption they cause.

Todd Holloway
MGMT275: Artificial Intelligence

Director of Content Science & Algorithms, Netflix


This course aims to prepare students for leading in this emerging era of AI and machine learning.


Mark Thomas
MGMT275: Product Management

Group Product Manager, Snap Inc.


This course provides practical tools for building software products within mature tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The course combines insight from guest speakers with hands-on development and academic coursework on the fundamentals of product development. Students will learn how to answer fundamental questions such as "What should we build next?" and "How do I build, launch and scale a product?" They will also work in teams to design, build and test a prototype software application.


John Blevins
MGMT275: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Managing Partner, Navigation Pointe


Cloud computing and the associated large datasets generated from its use are transforming business operations, providing almost limitless computational power for startup companies as well as large, established firms. Due to its minimal initial investment cost, pay-per-use model and elastic compute/storage capabilities, firms of any size can now leverage data resources to their strategic advantage. This course will educate students on the rapidly evolving and business-dynamic-changing impacts cloud computing and large datasets are having on businesses. Students will learn about cloud computing capabilities, the industry’s service providers and how businesses are using these operational tools.


Lori Van Deloo
MGMT298D: Global Payments & Fintech Innovation

Global Product, Marketing & Innovation Executive


Electronic payments represents one of the most exciting areas of technology and business today. The last 60-plus years have seen a dramatic growth in the access to and use of electronic payments as a replacement for cash and checks. The introduction of new disruptive technologies and innovative business models continues to accelerate and is changing how people interact and transact around the globe.

From a functional perspective, the course will provide exposure to a broad set of innovation business models and strategic frameworks. Throughout the course, we will also explore the nature and importance of strategic partnerships — across the ecosystem broadly and for traditional providers and FinTech companies to drive innovation and growth.


Jennifer McCaney
MGMT275: Healthcare Technology

Executive Director, UCLA Biodesign


The course will address technologies and platforms poised to disrupt the health care industry. Disruptive innovations within the curriculum of this course encompass those that have the potential to fundamentally alter the delivery of health care through improved patient value, increased cost savings and changes in the practice of medicine. Topics covered will include digital health, consumer health care, personalized medicine and diagnostics, genomics and next-generation sequencing, wireless sensing and remote monitoring, virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, mobile health platforms, electronic medical records and big data.


Terry Kramer
MGMT241: Technology Management
MGMT 298D: Evolution & Innovation in the Global Mobile Industry

Faculty Director, Easton Technology Management Center


This course will look at the rapid development of this industry: the disruption, innovation and bold strategic moves taken to create competitive advantage. It will make significant use of case discussion to both highlight strategic issues confronting the industry and permit students to sharpen their strategy development skills and ability to assess the use of innovation in driving market success. This course will also feature leading representatives from the mobile industry, venture capital firms, entrepreneurs and policymakers to engage students in a discussion of real-world issues, decisions, successes and failures. While this course is focused on the mobile industry, the core learnings in strategy development, disruptive innovation, business models and global context are relevant to numerous other industries.


Michael Montgomery
MGMT275: Technological Innovations in Media and Entertainment

President, Montgomery & Co., LLC


Innovations in technology are impacting the media industry at a rapid pace. Recent advancements have not only disrupted the traditional business models, but they have also created an ecosystem that fosters new forms of media and new processes for consuming it. As media power and preferences continue to shift from corporations to the consumer, content creators are struggling to stay relevant in a continually evolving environment. Technological advancements have forced creators to innovate and alter the way they create, distribute and monetize content today. This class will examine how technology has impacted several key media verticals, including television, social media, gaming, filmmaking, music and short-form content creation.