Executive Education COVID Protocol

Welcome to UCLA!


UCLA and UCLA Anderson Executive Education take the safety and well-being of our staff, students, visiting participants and faculty very seriously. UCLA’s campus is open for visitors and UCLA Anderson Executive Education is running in-person programs. Below please find health and safety information and instructions to prepare for your campus visit:

Before You Come

Please check the travel restrictions/requirements in your home city, state and/or country before travelling to and from the United States, Los Angeles, and UCLA, to ensure you are able to meet all requirements to safely and confidently travel back and forth. 

Vaccination and Booster Status

All UCLA staff, faculty and non-UCLA affiliated campus guests* (you, the program participant) are required to be fully vaccinated with a WHO endorsed vaccine Boosters are highly appreciated and encouraged.

COVID Testing

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who is infected, we encourage you to take a rapid test upon arrival. UCLA has testing kits which will be provided upon request, and as supplies last. In addition, you may be directed to test as part of UCLA’s isolation and quarantine protocols, if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if changing conditions warrant additional surveillance.

  • Instructions for rapid COVID-19 tests:
  • Complete your self-administered test alone in a room or outdoors, if possible, as it will require you to remove your mask. Put your mask back on as soon as the test is administered.
  • If your test is negative, you may proceed to class at Anderson or other UCLA facilities.
  • If your test is positive, please see below: If you test positive for COVID while at UCLA

Symptom Monitoring 

Before coming to campus each day, please complete a self-assessment of COVID-19 symptoms. If symptoms are present, or if you are not feeling well, please notify your Program Manager or Executive Education contact and do NOT come to campus.

General Protocol


Our day-to-day cleaning procedures are already very comprehensive, and we have increased our vigilance to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, students, clients, faculty, and staff. We have augmented our cleaning schedules and are cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces multiple times a day. When you come to campus, we ask that you wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day and use the hand sanitizer provided.


We continue to strongly encourage members of the community to wear masks in both indoor and outdoor environments while among other people. Masking is also still required following early release from isolation or quarantine.

Upgraded masks are highly recommended, and must be well-fitting medical-grade masks, surgical masks, KN95s or National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health-approved respirators such as an N95.

UCLA has a limited number of masks available for those who cannot procure their own masks. However, we are requesting that you plan before coming to UCLA to have a requisite number of masks for the duration of your UCLA visit. 

Please be respectful and support others in their masking choices.

Click for Instructions for Mask Use, Removal and Reuse.

Classroom Protocol

UCLA and UCLA Anderson have returned to in-person instruction. Executive Education classrooms have a 70-person seating capacity. Classroom seating is devised to maximize the spacing between you and the person closest to you. The classrooms are equipped with air purifiers and at least one classroom opens to a small patio, increasing air circulation.  

Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are available and encouraged for your use throughout the day, and restrooms are in close proximity for frequent hand washing. 

Food and Beverage Service

Food and beverages will be available for breakfast, lunch, and morning & afternoon snack breaks for most programs. Dinner may also be provided depending on your program. Food may be packaged in individualized portions, take-away boxes, buffet or plated. Meals may be served indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes, food and beverage will be available in our Executive Lounge for you to 'grab and go' and enjoy on our sun-filled patios or other spaces around UCLA Anderson and/or the UCLA campus. 

Some programs will distribute meal cards so that you can visit the campus eateries of your choice and discover your own favorite spot at UCLA. 

Hot and cold beverages will be available and there is a filtered water dispenser adjacent to the Executive Education classrooms so you may refill your reusable water bottle.

Please be respectful of others who may have undisclosed medical conditions and/or various comfort levels with potential exposure to COVID-19. 

Feeling Ill?

Participants, staff, faculty, and students should not come to campus or class if feeling ill. If you need assistance, please contact your program manager. 

If you test positive for COVID while at UCLA

Isolation separates those who have tested positive for COVID-19—or those who are symptomatic and are awaiting test results—from those who are not sick (i.e. separating the infected from the uninfected). Please note this definition may change over time, and UCLA will follow state and local developments.

If you are COVID positive, evidenced through a positive test, or through the self-detection of COVID symptoms, you must isolate for 5 days. You may end isolation after five days if:


  1. Have been fever-free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications) AND
  2. Have no symptoms or symptoms are improving


  1. You have a negative COVID-19 viral (antigen) test result collected on Day 5 or later, AND
  2. You never got symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. If you develop symptoms while you are isolated, you must follow the SYMPTOMATIC isolation instructions above.

Quarantine restricts the movement of people who were exposed to COVID-19 to observe for development of symptoms and to minimize exposure to those who are not sick (i.e. separating the exposed from the rest of the population). Please note this definition may change over time, and UCLA will follow state and local developments.

If you know you are a close contact of an infected person — or have been identified as a close contact by contact tracers — but have no symptoms, you do not need to quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status. However, it is strongly recommended that you:

  • Mask: Wear a highly protective mask around other people — especially in indoor settings and near those who are at high risk of severe illness — until 10 days have passed since your exposure to the infected person.
  • Test: Take a PCR or rapid antigen test 3–5 days after your exposure and receive a negative result. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 31–90 days, use a rapid antigen test — not a PCR test. If you are — or live with others who are — at high risk of serious illness, it is recommended that you test as soon as possible after exposure; if you test negative before 3 days, test again in the 3–5-day window, with at least 24 hours before the first and second test. (If you test positive in any of these cases, follow the reporting and isolation instructions above.)
  • Monitor: Check your symptoms for 10 days after exposure. If you develop symptoms, isolate immediately and test as soon as possible — do not wait 3–5 days.

Additional exemption: If you are close contact but have tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 30 days, you do not need to test at 3–5 days.

For more information on COVID-19 Close Contacts, isolation and quarantine protocols, please visit:


COVID Symptoms and/or Serious illness: UCLA is home to the #1 hospital in California and the top 3 in the nation, as ranked by US News and World Report in 2021. If you experience COVID symptoms while at UCLA, contact your primary care physician for advice, or go to urgent care or a local Emergency Department if symptoms require urgent medical care, such as difficulty breathing.  Depending on your personal situation, UCLA’s location enables easy access to excellent medical care throughout Southern California, should you require it. International visitors may want to contact their country’s embassy or consulate for additional assistance or guidance.  

Notify UCLA:  Notify your program manager that you are not cleared to attend your program and email the UCLA Exposure Management Team as soon as possible but in no event longer than one business day at exposuremanagementteam@ashe.ucla.edu for purposes of case investigation, contact tracing, and further notifications.

Isolation and Quarantine at UCLA Luskin Conference Center or UCLA Guest House

If you must isolate or quarantine because of a positive COVID test, the UCLA Luskin Conference Center (LCC) or the UCLA Guest House can accommodate you, assuming rooms are available.

If you are staying at LCC or the UCLA Guest House, you may continue your stay at your existing nightly room rate. Housekeeping amenities may be delivered to your door. Housekeepers may not enter your room.

At LCC, room service is available between 7:30 am – 10:00 pm. Room service is not available at Guest House, nor could you partake in the lobby-provided breakfast. You would be required to source your own delivered meals.

Both options are offered at your own expense.

Virtual Program Attendance while in Isolation or Quarantine

If you must isolate or quarantine because of a positive COVID test or because of exposure to COVID, we will work with you to mitigate disruption to your program experience as much as possible. Each case will be addressed based on individual circumstances, with the opportunity for remote attendance—whether live online or asynchronous—offered when practicable.

Stay Informed

In compliance with California State Assembly Bill 2693, UCLA has launched a COVID-19 Case Dashboard, updated daily, to provide notification of confirmed COVID-19 cases at UCLA. To stay informed, please visit: https://ucla.app.box.com/s/qjpai78h44ct71h9pdw5d2s96nw7eule

Our Commitment and Your Diligence

We continue to monitor the situation daily, with guidance from the CDC and campus leadership and will keep you informed of any potential impacts to the UCLA campus. We reiterate our commitment to vigilance and safety and to providing the best opportunities to continue to learn and develop.   

Because COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is spread mainly from person-to-person contact, UCLA Anderson Executive Education has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, UCLA cannot guarantee that its participants or others in attendance will not become infected with COVID-19.

Helpful Resources

*  Non-UCLA Affiliated Guests are defined as non-UCLA community members including Executive Education participants, vendors, and outside faculty.