The Professor William M. Cockrum Fellowship

Inaugural Cockrum Fellowship recipients with Professor Bill : (from left to right) Angela Arunarsirakul (’20), Ben Rovner (’20), Professor Cockrum, Samantha Hollon (’20), Ian Legaspi (’20)

The William M. Cockrum III Fellowship

William M. Cockrum III, a leader in the finance industry and an award-winning professor, has a true passion for giving back and championing leaders with vision. The Cockrum Fellowship supports exceptional students who serve their communities and, like Professor Bill, live the value of service. This innovative fellowship extends his legacy, as its recipients are encouraged to support the fellowship that helped make their goals and dreams possible.

About the Award

Thousands of Anderson alumni know Professor Bill Cockrum as the faculty member who taught them about entrepreneurial finance and ethics; as a faculty advisor to numerous student organizations and a perennial presence at reunions; and as the founder and faculty advisor of the Student Investment Fund (SIF), which has launched the investment management careers of hundreds of Anderson graduates. What they may not know is that in addition to his gifts of time and talent, Bill is one of the most generous philanthropists to UCLA Anderson, having donated his salary back to Anderson each and every year. He has generously supported fellowships, served on advisory boards across the school and helped to build an enduring culture of philanthropy at Anderson.

Bill has been instrumental in encouraging others to support the school as well. People are inspired to follow his example. The Cockrum Fellowship will help current students defray the cost of tuition while inspiring them to give back to a new generation of MBAs.

The Cockrum Fellowship is awarded to select students who demonstrate a commitment to driving change in their communities and to making a positive impact in the world. Students who apply for this prestigious fellowship commit to academic excellence in the classroom and to paying it forward — at Anderson and elsewhere — as their careers progress.

Bill has dedicated 36 years of his life to supporting the needs of Anderson students who are ready to move to the next level in their careers, and the fellowship will continue this mandate with generous support from the students who have benefited from it.

Cockrum Fellowship Supporters


Lead Benefactors:

Haejin Baek ('90)
Donnalisa ('86) and William Barnum Jr.
William M. Cockrum III
Maggie and Matt Cwiertnia ('99)
Michael P. De Paola ('94)
Catherine and Sandy Dean
Elizabeth and Robert Deere ('91)
Joel P. Fried ('86)

Barry Friedberg
G. B. Jones
Kao Family Trust
Jim LaCrosse
The Milias Foundation
Elizabeth and John Moller
Lyn and John Muse ('74)
Helen Lin and Leland Sun ('86)


Beall Family Foundation
Vanessa and James Bechtel ('83)
Anita and Arjun Bhagat ('88)
Antonia and J. David Carpenter ('98)
Pamela A. Dressler ('97)
Educational Housing Services, Inc.
Stacey and Eric Eisner ('99)
Elaine K. Hagan ('91)
Poladian Family
Paul Gaffney
Goldman Sachs Gives

Karen and Christopher Jennings ('80)
Kathleen and Michael Kosciusko ('94)
David A. Landsberg ('93)
Allison and Brian Massey ('97)
Sarah and Eric Miller ('92)
Posnick Family Trust
Nancy Rahnasto Osborne ('80) and Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.
Ilene Resnick ('97) and Daniel Weiss
Tracy Stevens ('98)
Suzanne and Michael Tennenbaum
Azin ('92) and Hans Van Alebeek ('92)
Jacqueline and Harry McMahon


Elif Affan ('10)
Tomiko Agari ('88)
Melinda Alongi ('95) and Rick Schmitt
Audrey A. Anhood ('10) and Himanshu Agrawal ('10)
Frank M. Arangio ('03)
Andrea Correa and Andrew C. Arentowicz ('03)
Duita P. Arifin ('92) and Budi Sabini
Lisa and Larry Aronovitz ('97)
Susan Ashkenas ('97)
Kathy and Matthew Avery ('87)
Carol D. Bahoric ('88) and Myron S. Meisel
Kathleen ('97) and Brett Bailey
Bank of America Foundation
Michelle M. Barnes ('89) and Rick L. Taylor ('88)
Ann Bartron Morris ('93) and George Morris Jr. ('96)
Jane D. Benson ('97)
Edouard M. Biron
James R. Bognet ('03)
The Sherry Bonnie Gift Fund
Monique and Henry Brandon III ('89)
Brookfield Investment Management
Jamie ('92) and David Brown ('93)
Marie O. Brown ('97)
Charlotte L. Brownlee ('97) and Alexander Corman ('96)
Ann E. Caruso ('89) and Gary C. Goldschmidt
Grace Chang ('13)
Katherine ('92) and Eugene Chen ('92)
Faris and Christine Chesley
Kate ('97) and Jeffrey Cochran ('97)
Andrea D. Cockrum
Mary LeBaron and Guillermo Cockrum
Steven A. Columbaro ('06)
Andre A. Coppio ('12)
Bridget and Michael Cornell ('92)
The Dabora Family Fund
Monica and Shawn Dahlem ('93)
Sheila ('93) and Daniel Dahlgren
Laura E. Daley ('97)
Hind Baki and Steven D'Amico ('97)
Suzann D. De La Pena ('97) and Christopher Michailoff
Deloitte & Touche LLP Foundation
Bradley J. Dickman ('97)
Chelsea Dinkins ('16)
Cammie Doder ('97)
Dodge & Cox
The Douglas Family
Faye ('08) and Vincent Drouillard
Lisa M. Dullum ('99)
Andrea and John Eing ('14)
Sheri and Matthew Fay ('92)
Erin and David Felman ('06)
Ryan A. Ferguson ('18)
Mary E. Fleshood
Heather and Eric Friedlander ('97)
Christine Frost
Melinda and Miles Gibbons ('97)
Robert C. Gilliam ('20)
Ashley and Ron Gonen ('97)
Glenda Grant
Frances L. Greenman ('97)
Amy ('97) and Michael Grenier ('97)
Thomas R. Haan ('97)
Pamela K. Hamamoto ('90) and Kurt J. Kaull
Peggy Harari ('93)
Leonard M. Harlan
Janet ('97) and John Harlow ('98)
Nancy G. Harris
Grace ('97) and Todd Hawthorne ('97)
Julia Hoepner ('97)
Yana and Dwight Holcomb ('11)
Amy and John Huber II ('00)
Maggie ('97) and James Hunt
Christine and E. Kenneth Hyatt
ImpactAssets Abacus Wealth Partners
Dreamy and Prashant Jain ('03)
Beth Johnson ('15)
Darah and Jeff Kabot ('92)
Nathan E. Kaehler ('13)
Bonnie and Tony Kam ('07)
Suzanne E. Kelley ('96)
Jonathan D. Kevles ('98)
Kristine L. Kleinsmith ('97) and Neil P. Lapinsky ('97)
Amy and Steve Krause ('99)

Janet ('15) and Fan-Wei Kung
Paraag Lal ('04)
Allen J. Latta ('97)
Todd A. Laurence ('92)
Ian L. Legaspi ('20)
Sophie M. Leguillette ('05)
Evan Y. Leung ('18)
Ignacio S. Lombardi ('14)
Laschelle Low ('98)
Elizabeth and Robert Lowe Sr.
Edward Lowenthal
Maro A. Constantinou and Constantine Malaxos ('96)
Susan Laskoff and Scott Marantz ('02)
Joni ('93) and Steve Martino
Barbara and Bowen McCoy
Deborah A. Cincotta and James C. McDermott ('97)
Ferrell McDonald ('97)
McKibbin Family
Jennifer and Kelly McMillen
Christopher S. Mead
Suzanne and Max Mednik ('12)
Microsoft Corporation
Julene ('97) and Chris Montgomery ('97)
Hyatt Family
Thomas Morgan ('14)
Merle and Peter Mullin
Caroline and Richard Nahas
Brian G. Newton ('97)
Lin Ng ('99) and Arnold Chen
Sherie and Don Morrison
Notkin Family Trust
Judy Olian and Peter Liberti
Richard Reisman ('85)
Benedicte and Eric Otterson ('97)
Sachin N. Patel ('08)
Joan Payden
Alexandra( '03) and John Peetz ('04)
Philip V. Oppenheimer
Sharon and Bradley Pinkerton ('97)
Lynn ('87) and Edward Poole
Elizabeth A. Pyne Skopp ('98)
Magda DeJose and Antonio J. M. Ramos ('05)
Regina Regazzi ('97)
Laura and John Rende ('96)
Timothy R. Rich ('04)
Daniel Riley
Natalie and Jeffrey Rosenzweig ('97)
Kristen G. Sager ('97)
Lynda and Louie Sampedro ('97)
Heidi and Nelson Saravia
Leone and Malcolm Schoenberg
Jennifer and David Schwartz ('98)
Kristel and Jeffrey Schwartz ('99)
Wenting Shen ('14)
Wenting Shi
Lynley ('97) and David Sides
Nancy and Joel Silverman ('93)
Gabriel Sinisgalli Reginato ('18)
Jennifer Aaker and Andrew B. Smith ('97)
Temple A. Smolen ('97)
Alan L. Sparks ('99)
Jennifer Valentine Sperber and Mikko Sperber
Wendy ('89) and Harlan Spinner
Arthur H. Stampleman
Wendy ('97) and James Stovell
Marea Evans and David Strong ('94)
Nancy and Eric Sussman
Erin and Stender Sweeney II ('97)
Dana ('97) and Richard Torykian Jr. ('97)
Flavia ('97) and Bill Trento ('96)
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Marilyn and Mark Ureda ('88)
Marcia and Carl Vaicek Jr. ('61)
Sarah Valdovinos ('02)
Toby and Robert Waldorf
Ralph Walter
Terri ('93) and Jeffrey Warren ('95)
Yukiko and Rinji Watanabe ('95)
The Willison Family
Diane M. Wilson ('86)
Robin and Mark Wittenberg ('99)
Audrey Lee and Steven Wu ('97)
Kathy H. Yeung ('97)

The Difference Maker

Bill Cockrum’s investment in UCLA Anderson and its students aims to make the world a better place

At UCLA Anderson Fellowships Open Doors for Leaders Who Will Change the World

The Legacy of Professor Bill Cockrum