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The UCLA Anderson Student Investment Fund was created in 1987 as a result of the generosity and initiative of Mr. Bernard Johnson, former President of Provident Investment Counsel. The Fund was designed to provide an arena in which UCLA Anderson students could apply academic investment theory in a practical forum. The SIF thus represents a bridge between the theory of academia and the practical workings of the capital markets, while giving students interested in investment management the opportunity to gain invaluable experience. In addition, the investment earnings generated by the portfolio fund numerous academic scholarships throughout the school.

Each January a group of ten UCLA Anderson MBA students is selected to manage a diversified portfolio of approximately $2 million, consisting of donated capital. The SIF fellowship is structured to expose students to situations that they would experience at a typical investment management firm. During their eighteen-month tenure, they engage in a demanding curriculum that includes designing an investment strategy, developing economic and industry outlooks, selecting an asset allocation, conducting in-depth security analysis and addressing organizational and group dynamics issues.For the first six months (May through October), the Fellows manage the Fund as a group. The equity portion is then divided equally among the Fellows and managed individually for the remaining months. Starting with the 1999-2000 academic year, the equity portion has been divided equally between growth and value management strategies, with half of the Fellows focusing on each strategy. The fixed income portion of the Fund is managed as a group for the entire period.The Fellows meet formally with Professor Bill Cockrum (bio) on a weekly basis to discuss the capital markets, the state of the economy and the performance of the Fund. In addition, the students also visit a minimum of thirty investment managers, where they learn about different investment philosophies, styles and strategies. The firm visits represent one of the unique aspects of the UCLA Student Investment Fund experience, allowing the Fellows to gain exposure to a wide variety of investment styles, forge relationships with local investment professionals, and allow participating investment management firms to maintain ties with UCLA Anderson School of Management, its students and its faculty.

Applying to SIF

The main objective of the SIF is  to provide UCLA Anderson students with a hands-on, experiential learning process where SIF fellows can learn about investment management by actively managing a diversified portfolio.  The SIF is a class and is not a recruiting organization.

Who can apply:

First-year, full-time MBA students, FEMBAs, and EMBAs


Highly competitive, four-round process that consists of stock pitches, essays, and interviews with faculty and current SIF Fellows


(No Exceptions)

Availability Monday morning from 10:30am to 11:30am for a mandatory weekly class meeting (in-person)

Availability Fridays for investment management firm visits (minimum of 30 visits required for each SIF Fellow)

Must be present for all four quarters in the academic year and therefore cannot study abroad

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Student Investment Fund