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Sharing 15 Tips for Success

From the Full-Time MBA Class of 2019 to the Classes of 2020 and 2021

Don’t mistake other people’s priorities, anxieties or success metrics for your own. You have the power (and the responsibility) to define these for yourself!

— Jennifer Limb

Think about what you truly want out of your MBA experience, and don’t be afraid to take a risk in the process.

— Rob Percival

Don’t try to do everything; you’ll stress yourself out! Pick and choose what is important to you and spend your time doing that.

— Kayla Carpenter

Actively seek out people who are different from you. It’s easy to gravitate toward others who share a commonality, but bonding with people who have vastly different experiences and perspectives will help you learn far more.

— Adi Rajapuram

Try to attend as many of the executive series or guest speaker events as you can. Although recruiting, grades and social are all important, the insights you get from speaking with great leaders is part of what makes business school an amazing journey.

— Kota Uyeda

Let yourself explore new pathways. While you might have an idea of what your Anderson trajectory might look like, you will inevitably be exposed to many new experiences and you may not have this opportunity again, so embrace the unknown and be flexible.

— Jorge Santana

Avoid comparing yourself to your classmates. Do everything your unique way and on your own timeline.

— Katie Farias

Meet as many classmates as possible! Not only are your peers going to be a great professional network, but they are pretty great people, too.

— Molly Tarrant

Always aim to be kind — to every person you interact with, regardless of their title, position or proximity. If and when you get your ideal job or leadership position, you want to know you did it with integrity and kindness.

— Debra Chang

Maintain a healthy balance and be selective about the responsibilities you take on. It’s okay to say no!

— Nick Galante

Bring a tumbler and leave it in your locker (Building C) so you can always grab free coffee from the student lounge when you need it.

— Lisa Liu

Remember the reason why you decided to go to business school, and then, remember again whenever you hit a wall or come across a new bright shiny thing.

— Melinh Rozen

Do one little thing outside your comfort zone a day. Make it a habit.

— Chenjie Ding

Trust the process, and lean in to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

— Connor Douglass

Lead. Aim to be the leader of one organization — president of any club — as this experience will represent the most personal and professional growth of any other at business school.

— Mikel Noriega

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