Matías Giaccobasso

Matías Giaccobasso

GEM Ph.D. Student

Place of Origin



BA in Economics
Universidad de la Republica
Montevideo, Uruguay

Entered program in 2017



Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment - Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (with Marcelo Bergolo, Rodrigo Ceni, Guillermo Cruces and Ricardo Perez-Truglia)

Non-technical summary: [VoxDev] [UCLA Anderson Review]

Digging into the Channels of Bunching: Evidence from the Uruguayan Income Tax - Bergolo, M., Burdin, G., De Rosa, M., Giaccobasso, M., & Leites, M. (2021). Digging into the Channels of Bunching: Evidence from the Uruguayan Income Tax. The Economic Journal

Misperceptions about Tax Audits - Bérgolo, M., Ceni, R., Cruces, G., Giaccobasso, M., & Perez-Truglia, R. (2018, May). Misperceptions about tax audits. In AEA Papers and Proceedings (Vol. 108, pp. 83-87).

Working Papers:

Where Do My Tax Dollars Go? Tax Morale Effects of Perceived Government Spending (with Brad Nathan, Ricardo Perez-Truglia, and Alejandro Zentner)

Labor Income Responses of Top Incomes to Tax Changes: Evidence from a Tax Reform in Uruguay - Available at SSRN (2022) (with Marcelo Bergolo, Gabriel Burdin, Mauricio De Rosa, Martín Leites and Horacio Rueda)

Dissecting Inequality-Averse Preferences - 2nd R&R, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (with Marcelo Bergolo, Gabriel Burdin, Santiago Burone, Mauricio De Rosa and Martín Leites)

Works in Progress:

Job Market Paper (In progress) - "The Medium- and Long-run Effects of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Early Adulthood Outcomes"

"Attitudes and Preferences for Redistribution: Dynamics of Intergenerational Transmission and the Effect of Public Policy" (with Marcelo Bergolo and Martin Leites) - Research Grant - Universidad de la Republica , Uruguay

“How Do Macroeconomic Expectations Affect the Business Decisions of Small Enterprises?” (with Martin Kanz and Ricardo Perez-Truglia)