How Teams Work

How Teams Work


Access Keys to the Teamwork that Makes You an Effective Leader

Students may access coaching as a team or individually during their tenure at UCLA Anderson. All teams and individuals seeking coaching outside of scheduled sessions may email Sara Tucker directly to make an appointment.


Anderson first-year learning teams all develop team contracts during Orientation and Leadership Foundations. Learning teams are encouraged to seek coaching to improve their effectiveness and resolve internal conflicts that may arise.


Fully-employed MBA (FEMBA) students participating in Anderson’s Global Access Program (GAP) face the particular challenges of teams collaborating internationally. GAP teams are required to negotiate a team contract at the start of their projects to guide their work going forward.


Executive MBAs conducting Strategic Management Research (SMR) projects deploy what they’re learning to help a real company with a real business challenge create an in-depth strategic business plan. People skills are essential to your credibility in these situations. The Birkman Method personality assessment is used to coach EMBA teams on aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success. Past student teams have reported that the assessment sheds additional light on their self-understanding and how they might work together more effectively (and it’s just plain fun to see numbers behind the team chemistry).