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San Diego Padres Chair Takes Business Personally

Peter Seidler(’88) commits to continuity and excellence

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Creating a Safe Environment to Compete

UCLA Bruins Athletics Director Martin Jarmond

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MEMES Conversation with Ryan Bishara (LAFC)

Ryan Bishara, SVP of Business & Data Strategy at LAFC discusses navigating a career in the sports business amidst Covid-19

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MEMES Conversation with Disney

Walt Disney Studio's Music Supervisor, Brian Vickers & Disney Concept Animation Artist, Nak Yong Choi discuss their career paths

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MEMES Webinar Conversation with Co-Founder & CEO of Magnus Media, Michel Vega

The incredible growth of Latin music and how COVID impacted the music industry

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MEMES Webinar Conversation with Founder & CEO of PACE PR, Annie Scranton

How you can grow your career in the television industry

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Combining world-building (and often elements of sci-fi, fantasy, or historical fiction) with uniquely African and African-American themes

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Communications During Crisis

A Conversation with Matthew Hiltzik, President & CEO, Hiltzik Strategies

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Reporting the COVID-19 Crisis

CNN Host, S.E. Cupp Unfiltered – Cupp discusses the important of journalism during a time of crisis

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Marketing the NHL During COVID

Heidi Browning, Chief Marketing Officer, National Hockey League discusses how her team is reaching out to the next generation of fans

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The Business of Baseball

Arielle Moyal, Director of Baseball Marketing, REP 1 and Alex Vesia, Pitcher, Miami Marlins discuss the business of baseball and how to maximize a player’s value

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Hosting Hollywood's Heavy Hitters

kevin plank under armour ceo
February 28, 2020 / Register

Monetizing the Global Audience

Hear leading executives lend perspective on trending opportunities and challenges impacting the entertainment, sports & technology industries. 

April 4, 2020 / Save the Date

Game Face

The only sports case competition that brings together MBA and JD students to analyze, present and negotiate solutions to real-world business problems.

May 1, 2020 / Save the Date

You're Up, Anderson

Hear from the next generation of leaders as they share promising ventures and provocative ideas that will push your thinking in a festival atmosphere. 

Fall 2020 / Save the Date

From Ideas to Action

Explore the role of data and new digital platforms in the creation of critical insights, new products, services and content and a changing competitive landscape.


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"No industry is safe from disruption"

—Scott Brady

"Data isn't relevant unless you can predict the future - the past doesn't matter"

—Impact - Innovating with Data

"Content is king but social media and distribution are the kingdom"

—Amy Barnett

"GDPR has the potential of pushing out smaller companies who can't comply with GDPR terms"

—Future of Media - Digital, Data & Brands