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1) Navigate to Update Your Profile under Alumni > Alumni Directory > Update Your Profile.

2) If prompted, log into your UCLA Anderson account. Enter your user ID in the Anderson UserID field. Your user ID is First Name (space) Last Name, example: joe bruin. Use the name that you used when you were a student at UCLA Anderson (e.g James instead of Jim, or maiden name instead of married). 

3) Enter your password in the Password field. Your password is the last four digits of your social security number, example: 1919 or your 9-digit student ID number. If you need assistance with your password, please contact or call: 1-310-825-9448.

4) Click the Sign On button.

5) Locate the Additional contact information section on your profile. It is the third group down after General and Electronic mail.

6) Locate the LinkedIn profile field.

7) Open a new browser tab and navigate to Log into your LinkedIn account, if necessary.

8) Select ME in the upper LinkedIn menu bar and choose the View Profile option.

9) Locate your profile URL in the browser address bar.

10) Highlight and copy the profile address.

11) Return to the browser tab displaying your UCLA Anderson profile.

12) Click inside the LinkedIn profile field, and paste the address into the field.

Follow steps 13-19 to add a Facebook profile link, otherwise skip to step 19.

13) Return to the browser tab displaying your LinkedIn profile.

14) Navigate to, and log into your Facebook account, if necessary.

15) Click on your profile name in upper left or top right of screen.

16) Locate your Facebook profile address in the browser address bar. Highlight and copy the profile address. 

17) Return to the browser tab displaying your UCLA Anderson profile.

18) Click inside the Facebook profile field, and paste the address into the field.

19) Scroll to the bottom of the profile screen and click the Submit button. From now on, people who search for your profile in the UCLA Anderson Directory will see a direct link to your social media profiles.

Please update the rest of your profile so classmates can reach you!

Call 310-825-9448 or send an email to if you need assistance.