Women’s Business Connection (WBC)

The Women’s Business Connection (WBC) is a UCLA Anderson School of Management professional club that cultivates influential and inclusive business leaders by supporting and developing women from all MBA programs (Full-Time, FEMBA and EMBA) throughout their time at UCLA Anderson and beyond. The WBC fosters a strong, collaborative community that elevates all Anderwomen and equips our diverse members with the resources to form meaningful relationships, grow professionally and thrive. Our club encourages the advancement of women in business by creating compelling programming and championing gender equity and intersectionality on campus.


WBC Officers


Sarah Robertson


Jordie Ho-Shue


Nikki Cheon

Executive Vice President

Morgan Owens

Chief of Staff

Cynthia Andrianjatovo

VP of Intersectionality & Inclusion

Jessica Rodriguez

VP of Admissions

Shruti Pandey

VP of Allyship

Darby Breslow

VP of Alumni Relations

Sami Sciacqua

VP of Alumni Relations

Giana Tansman

VP of Community

Haley Cassriel

VP of Community

Richa Yadav

VP of Community, International Relations

Sandy Wu

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Heidi Wu

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Rebecca Phuong

VP of Finance

Anna Kernus

VP of Operations

Hannah Bender

VP of Alumni Partnerships

Mia Towle

VP of Alumni Partnerships

Kaitlyn Jeong

VP of Alumni Professional Development

Ann Lih

VP of Alumni Professional Development

Fredel Romano

VP of Sponsorships

Garima Narang

VP of Velocity Conference

Christina Tadin

VP of Velocity Conference

Garima Narang

VP of Wellness

Madeline Spolin

VP of Social Impact & Philanthropy

Karina Altamirano

VP of Mentorship

Prachi Goel

VP of Internal Affairs

Eleanor Justin

VP External Affairs

Garima Narang

VP of Velocity Conference




Velocity: Anderson Women’s Leadership Summit

Career Mixer

Alumnae Mentorship Program

Allyship Initiatives

Alumnae Dinners for Eight (D48s)

Women Admissions Initiatives

Professional Development Workshops

Women in Entertainment, Media and Technology Brunch

Women-Focused Industry Networking Events (Finance, Consulting, Sports, and more)

Book Club

Self-Defense Class

Women-Focused Career Panels


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.