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The Women’s Business Connection (WBC) is a UCLA Anderson School of Management professional club that cultivates strong business leaders and a community of influential alumnae by supporting, developing and challenging women from all MBA programs (full-time, FEMBA and EMBA) throughout their time at UCLA Anderson and beyond. Through various programming and partnerships, the WBC builds strong relationships with our 380-plus members, including more than 80 male allies, by developing rewarding events and promoting gender equity, diversity and inclusion on campus.


WBC Officers


Kayla Carpenter


Erica Wood

Executive Vice President

Kathryn Chen

VP of Admissions

Elizabeth MacLaughlin

VP of Admissions

Laura Biersteker

VP of Alumnae Relations

Preethi Srikanth

VP of Alumnae Relations

Maddy Wojdak

VP of Communications and Marketing

Elizabeth Hunter

VP of Conference Operations

Julie Ortega

VP of Conference Programming

Caitlin Kim

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Engagement

Diana Chow

VP of Finance

Sweksha Tripathi

VP of International Students

Gerald Sims

VP of Male Allies

Nitish Bhagia

VP of Male Allies

Alex Hart

VP of Male Allies

Julia Navarro

VP of Operations

Candace Parker

VP of Partnerships

Naurine Shahzad

VP of Professional Development

Keely Schneider

VP of Professional Development

Shiela Murali

VP of Social

Varshita Venkatesh

VP of Social

Pamela Wang

VP of Sponsorships




Velocity: Anderson Women’s Leadership Summit

Career Afternoon and Mixer

Alumnae Mentorship Program

Male Ally Program

Alumnae Dinners for Eight (D48s)

Women Admissions Initiatives

Professional Development Workshops

Women in Entertainment, Media and Technology Brunch

Women-Focused Industry Networking Events (Finance, Consulting, Sports, and more

Book Club

Self-Defense Class

Women-Focused Career Panels


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.