Tech Business Association at Anderson (AnderTech)

The Technology Business Association at Anderson (AnderTech) is the gateway to the tech industry for MBA students at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. AnderTech enables Anderson students to launch or advance their careers in the tech industry or in tech-related roles. The club strives to effectively leverage internal and external resources, such as the Easton Technology Management Center and alumni; provide differentiated educational and community experiences; and prepare members to be leaders in their post-MBA careers.


AnderTech Officers


Kelsey Anderson


PJ Iannone

Executive VP

Apoorva Tyagi

VP Tech Education

Richa Yadav

VP Tech Education

Kimberly Dinehart

VP Startups

Hunter Trice

VP Seattle Relations

Darby Breslow

VP Partnerships

Feon Chow

VP Operations & Member Experience

Prachi Goel

VP New Initiatives

Ayesha Asif

VP Marketing & Communications

Nicole Rabiu

VP Marketing & Communications

Tina Jiang

VP LA Relations

Andrew Freyberger


Christy Tsui

VP International Relations

Heidi Wu


Liz Bohinc


Louis Andres

VP Easton Center Relations

John Lee

VP Community

Will Hayes

VP Career Development

Nikki Cheon

VP Bay Area Relations

Kaitlyn Jeong

VP Alumni Relations

Minah Kim

VP Admissions

Greg Uy

IPT Committee

Hunter Trice

IPT Committee

Bonnie Duffley

Head of Social

Vicente Deppe

Head of Sponsorships

Stephen Kim

Head of Case Competitions

Janli Gwo

Head of Career Night

Anna Kernus

Easton Committee

Chris Low

Easton Committee

Erik Maroney

Easton Committee

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AnderTech Kick-Off Night/101 Series
Highlighted with a keynote speaker from a top tech firm, this event allows new members to learn about the club’s mission, programming and available leadership positions. New members have the opportunity to connect with second-year club members as the club celebrates the beginning of a new school year.

AnderTech APIC Competition
Back for its third year, this competition is aimed at giving teams of students hands-on experience building a minimum viable product. Held over the course of one week, students will team up with classmates and computer science students outside of Anderson to design a product, bring it to life, create a go-to-market strategy and present it to a judging panel of senior-level tech mentors. The program also includes several workshops ahead of the competition and optional mentorship provided through the Easton Technology Management Center.

Technology Career Night
Alumni, recruiters and other representatives from more than 20 technology firms join members of AnderTech for an evening of networking, recruiting advice and career exploration. This is one of AnderTech’s signature events, and it includes opportunities to learn about traditional technology roles, such as product manager or product marketing manager, as well as other roles in or related to the tech industry, such as those in finance, operations, program management and marketing.

Easton Center's Innovate Conference and Competition

Tech Treks and Days-on-the-Job (DOJs)

Etiquette Night

Interview Prep Teams and Case Interview Workshops

Academic/Part-Time Tech Internship Guidance Panel

Company-Sponsored Case Competitions

AnderTech Summer Alumni Mixers

Tech Education: Workshops and Deep Dives
This year's events included topics in product management, SQL and blockchain, among others. Workshops include hands-on learning and badge certifications.

Tech Bytes
Tech Bytes are student-led workshops providing UCLA Anderson students the opportunity to learn more in-depth about tech topics. This year's sessions included topics ranging from the tech stack to agile development to programming languages. Tech Bytes are a fun way to learn together and ask the student experts questions about the content and their tech experiences.

Alumni Mock Interviews

Alumni Mentorship Program

Engagement With Alumni: Dinners for Eight (D48s), Dinners for 6 and Drinks for 10

Local Mixers

Diversity in the Tech Industry

Easton Center Collaboration

External Partnerships

Cross-Club Events

Data Science Workshops (with the Strategy & Operations Management Association)

Women in Tech Event (with the Women’s Business Connection)

Video Game 101 (with the Entertainment Management Association)

HealthTech Case Competition (with the Healthcare Business Association)

Careers in Marketing (with the Marketing Association)

Mock Interview Day (with the Marketing Association)

Evolve Conference (with the Retail Business Association)

Joint Panels/Events (with the Black Business Students Association and Anderson Latino Management Association)

VR Panel (with the Entertainment Management Association)

AR Speaker Event (with Entrepreneur Association)

Breaking up Big Tech Debate (with the Adam Smith Society)


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