Sports Business Association (SBA)

The Sports Business Association (SBA) is dedicated to providing educational and professional opportunities for UCLA Anderson students interested in the sports industry. In addition, the SBA offers resources for members to create professional networks and contacts within this unique business industry by organizing speakers, dinners, professional and student panels, and job treks.


SBA Officers


Rachel Pettis


Brianna Morgan

Executive Vice President

Kristofer Petnicki

VP of Admissions

Gus Woythaler

VP of Admissions

Annie Leanse

VP of Alumni Relations

Michael Reich

VP of Business Development

Bebe Silberzweig

VP of Business Development

Kyra Gardiner

VP of Career Development and Professionalism

Dylan Hochstetler

VP of Career Development

Sid Sati Kunvar

VP of FEMBA & International Relations

Hannah Caine

VP of Marketing & FEMBA Relations

JR Moreno

VP of Finance

Keini Wilson

VP of Social & Diversity

Download our career guide for Sports and learn about our resources: Discover top employers, popular courses, academic specializations, capstone projects and student ambassadors.




Speaker Series

Day-on-the-Job Treks

Career Night

Game Day Sports Case Competition

Pulse Conference

Up Next Conference


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.