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The Marketing Association provides education about the benefits of a marketing background for all types of careers, assists members in preparing for internships and full-time positions and engages with corporate recruiters and prospective students to strengthen and expand the UCLA Anderson marketing community.


MA Officers


Kathryn Chen


Zoe Fishman

VP of Admissions

Aaron Cheung

VP of Alumni Relations

Jennifer Obiyo

VP of Alumni Relations

Nikita Sewak

VP of Brand

Nikita Sabharwal

VP of Brand

Kaitlin Juarez

VP of Career Development

Lauren Wolfen

VP of Career Development

Maria Mireles

VP of Community

Maddy Wojdak

VP of Community

Julie Chan

VP of Events and Operations

Tannis Mann

VP of FEMBA Relations

Elena Colagrande

VP of FEMBA Relations

Kelsey Stoeppel

VP of FEMBA Relations

John Olson

VP of Finance

Erica Wood

VP of Interview Development

Laura Biersteker

VP of Partnerships

Eric Klappholz

VP of Partnerships

Kathy Lee

VP of Recruiter Relations

Nicholas Caro

VP of Recruiter Relations

Natasha Benacerraf

VP of Recruiter Relations




Fall Functional Career Night
Fall Functional Career Night is the premier opportunity for roundtable discussions with recruiters and alumni about MBA opportunities in traditional and emerging fields of marketing, including brand marketing, product marketing, marketing strategy and consumer insights. Last year’s participants included Mattel, General Mills, Clorox, E. & J. Gallo Winery and Capital Group.

Corporate Presentations & Case Studies
Meet prominent marketing executives, including some of UCLA Anderson’s most successful alumni, while learning about their companies.

Days on the Job
Learn more about specific companies by networking with and shadowing current employees at their offices. Last year’s DOJs included Clorox, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Smucker’s, Mattel and Health-Ade Kombucha.

Industry Speakers

Career Workshops and Panels

Interview Preparation Teams

Alumni Networking


Connect with Us


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