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The Management Consulting Association (MCA) is committed to promoting the interests of students considering a career in management consulting. The MCA supports and facilitates interaction among consulting professionals, UCLA Anderson students, faculty and alumni through career and social events. These activities provide the club's members with a thorough understanding of the industry and strengthen relationships between leading consulting firms and UCLA Anderson. Members become prepared for the industry’s recruiting process through the club’s intensive interview preparation program and benefit from industry speakers and case workshops.


MCA Officers


Christine Taylor


Logan Adermatt

VP of Education

Jeff Dean

VP of Education

Elizabeth MacLaughlin

VP of Education

Paul Ockelmann

VP of Education

Bhavuk Tandon

VP of Education

Abigail Johnson

VP of External Affairs

Toan Tran

VP of External Affairs

Michael Wang

VP of External Affairs

Ashley Wright

VP of External Affairs

Ariel Wang

VP of Alumni Affairs

Chris King

VP of Finance

Sydney Goldman

VP of Professionalism and Member Experience

Kristin DiCenso

VP of Events/DOJ

Kevin O'Connell

VP of Community

Rahul Saxena

VP of International Students

Alexa Grimes

VP of Prospective Students

Shane Strumwasser

VP of Human Capital

Janna Stucky

VP of Communications

Thomas Crutchley

VP of FEMBA Relations

John Kafesjian

VP of FEMBA Relations

Shannon Ward

VP of FEMBA Relations




Full-Time Career Night
This is an evening recruiting event with consulting firms for second-years that are re-recruiting for full-time roles.

Women in Consulting Tea
This is the first event for first-years interested in consulting. Women representatives from firms sit on a panel and network with students.

MCA Club Kickoff Night
This is the introduction of the MCA to first-year students. We will explain the role of the club, the recruiting process and the interview preparation process.

IPT Workshops

Firm Kickoff Night
This is when firms begin networking with students ahead of company presentations on campus.

Internship Career Night
This is the final firm networking event and is the last chance for first-years to meet with firm representatives in a formal group setting.


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.