Management Consulting Association (MCA)

The Management Consulting Association (MCA) is committed to promoting the interests of students considering careers in management consulting. The MCA supports and facilitates interaction among consulting professionals, UCLA Anderson students, faculty and alumni through career and social events. These activities provide the club’s members with a thorough understanding of the industry and strengthen relationships between leading consulting firms and UCLA Anderson. Members become prepared for the industry’s recruiting process through the club’s intensive interview preparation program and benefit from industry speakers and case workshops.


MCA Officers


Iman Nanji


Nate Bergman

VP of Education

Alfath Harahap

VP of Education

Aimee Kaur

VP of Education

Brandon Mayfield

VP of Education

Greg Siviy

VP of Education

Mary Claire Flanagan

VP of External Affairs

Lani Frankville

VP of External Affairs

Jack Pouderoyen

VP of External Affairs

Diandra Sediyono

VP of External Affairs

Tarik Walmsley

VP of External Affairs

Arne Panzer

VP of Finance

Payal Vachhani

VP of DOJs and Special Events

Stephanie Hong

VP of Communications

Camille Nimocks

VP of Alumni

Josh Primus

VP of Professionalism and Member Experience

Frida Winkelmann

VP of International Students

Kari Yu

VP of International Students

Rachel Petersen

VP of Human Capital

Victoria Xue

VP of Human Capital

Ryan Cameron

VP of Prospective Students

Ezra Glenn

VP of Community

Ella Lan

VP of FEMBA Relations

Sean Li

VP of FEMBA Relations

Karl Mecklenborg

VP of FEMBA Relations




Full-Time Career Night

Women in Consulting Tea/Happy Hour

Diversity and Inclusion Happy Hour

Full-Time Case Marathon

Human Capital Consulting Roundtable

MCA Welcome Night

IPT (four workshops)

Kickoff Night

Internship Career Night




Alumni Case Marathon and Happy Hour

Student Case Marathon


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.