Latin American Business Association (LABA)

The Latin American Business Association (LABA) provides a forum for Anderson students, faculty, alumni and corporations with an interest in Latin America to connect to each other. Through a broad offering of professional and social events, we aim at showcasing our region’s diverse cultures and business opportunities for the mutual benefit of our members and the broader Anderson community.


LABA Officers


Julian Dumas


Enrique Bravo


Nahum Armas

VP of Admissions

Patricio Parodi

VP of Admissions

Mauricio Sedas

VP of Finance

Vicente Deppe

VP of Social

Mauricio Segovia Siller

VP of Social

Tomás Sanhueza

VP of Alumni Outreach

Pablo Sagion

VP of Employer Relations

Ingrid Meza

VP of Marketing & Partnerships

Manuel Larrain

VP of Career Development

Adrián Sahagún

VP of Mexico Trek

AJ Ellis


Marcela Vizcaya

VP of Significant Others




Social events each quarter:

  • 1 thematic BBQ dinner per quarter
  • 1 Latin American party per quarter (for members)
  • Alumni mixer
  • All-Anderson Latin American party

Alumni and networking

  • LABA WAMO panel
  • Miami DOJ trek
  • Mexico trek
  • Colombian trek
  • Academic lunches with Latin American professors (2 per quarter)
  • Speaker series (to be defined with the Center for Global management)

Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.