Latin American Business Association (LABA)

The Latin American Business Association (LABA) provides a forum for Anderson students, faculty, alumni and corporations with an interest in Latin America to connect with each other. Through a broad offering of professional and social events, we aim at showcasing our region’s diverse cultures and business opportunities for the mutual benefit of our members and the broader Anderson community.


LABA Officers


Marcelo Nacrur


Carlo Escarrachi


Oscar Poblete

VP of Academics

Paulina Barrientos

VP of Admissions

Sebastian Puga

VP of Alumni Outreach

Felipe Brunholi

VP of Employer Relations

Nicolas Sanchez

VP of Employer Relations

Tomas Icaza

VP of Chile Trek

Santiago Perez

VP of Community Partnerships

Felipe Benavides

VP of Career Development

Xavier Soto


Luis Oliveira

VP of Finance

Sofia Hernandez

VP of Mexico Trek

Maria Claudia Malca

VP of Marketing & Communications

Santiago Iglesias

VP of Social

Joao Mathiazi

VP of Social




Miami DOJ (Fall 2019)
Coordinate with Parker and visit the top employer companies from Miami, taking advantage of the Latin American connections. The goal is to expand recruiting opportunities for LABA members. In past years, we have visited companies such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, Visa, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Embraer, among others.

This is a new venture to connect incoming students with the second-year students. Moreover, the idea is to give specific advice to Latin American students in terms of recruiting. Many times, they have specific profiles and advantages that fit better for some jobs than others, and the idea is to inform them about those so that they have the best recruiting experience.

Alumni Mixer (Winter 2019)

Partnering with the Center for Global Management, we aim to enhance the connection of LABA members with Latin American students living in Los Angeles. The network serves as a friendship and recruiting tool between students and alumni.

Academics Lunches with Latin American Professors (Two Per Quarter)

The goal is to connect students with Latin American professors and invite eight students per session. There is a survey that students fill out in order to know which professors they are interested in meeting.

LABA BBQs (One Per Quarter)

The goal is to connect members of LABA and share unique customs and experiences. Significant others and children are invited. Because of the high number of members of LABA that come to Anderson accompanied by their families, the goal is to enhance connections between families.

Mexico Trek (Spring 2020)

LABA Trek to Mexico D.F. opened for all Anderson students – define tentative date for 2020

Cultural: pyramids - Tehotihuacan, museums – Jumex, Carso, Frida Calo, experiences - Xochimilco
Social: culinary experiences around the whole city, bars and clubs. Breakfast, lunch and dinners at different restaurants. Truly local bars and clubs.
Stay at a Hotel in either Polanco, Condesa or Roma

Chile Trek (After Christmas 2019)

LABA Trek to Chile opened for all Anderson Students
Locations: Santiago, Valparaiso and Patagonia (Trekking)

Social / Culinary: Visit to winery in Central Valley. Breakfast, lunch and dinners at different restaurants. 

Truly local bars and clubs.

Promote trek in line with Marketing and Communications with relevant clubs (Outdoor, Wine)


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.