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The mission of the Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA) is to build and sustain a community that enhances the professional, social and educational experience for Jewish and interested students at Anderson. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment in which students can interact and practice with the Jewish community on campus, in Southern California and beyond. Our priorities include recruiting, social events, alumni relations, mentoring, academic performance, career development and community involvement. To accomplish these objectives, the JBSA continues to build strong relationships with corporate and community partners.


JBSA Officers


Hila Shprecher


Jordan Dil


Aaron Sassounian

VP of Admissions

David Frankel

VP of Alumni

Keith Perschetz

VP of Club/Campus Collaboration

Reed Marcus

VP of Club/Campus Collaboration

Jason Wlach

VP of Education

Joshua Miller

VP of Events and Operations

Lane Mergler

VP of Events and Operations

Ariel Hanohov


Daniel Fine

VP of Finance

Daniel Edlin

VP of Israel Connection

Emily Lamberg

VP of Marketing

Jonathan Wagmeister

VP of Social

Natasha Benacerraf

VP of Social




Quarterly Shabbat Dinners
The JBSA hosts a Shabbat dinner for members once a quarter. These dinners are great opportunities to interact with the Anderson Jewish community, as well as to hear keynote speeches from renowned industry leaders.

Israel Trek
The Israel Trek is an annual spring break trip to Israel organized by Israeli and Jewish American students for the broader Anderson community. Over the past two years, more than 150 Anderson MBAs have visited Israel and discovered its unique history.

Dinners for Eight/Dinners for 30

JBSA members meet for dinner with accomplished Los Angeles Jewish executives from a variety of different industries. These gatherings with experienced professionals in a more intimate setting often lead to fruitful career opportunities. 

On-Campus Lunch-and-Learns

Alumni Mixer

International Food Festival

Holocaust Memorial Event

Mentorship Program

Los Angeles Community Networking Events

Holiday Socials


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.