Identity> Asian Management Student Association (AMSA)

Empower inclusive thinking.

Our Core Pillars

  • Social – Provide an outlet to connect members beyond the academic and professional environment
  • Cultural – Promote discussion on what it means to be an Asian leader in America while sharing our values with a broader audience
  • Professional – Change professional perception by embracing our identity as a strength and leverage our Asian American network to create more career opportunities

AMSA Officers


Angela Tseng


Mike Lee


Alan Lan

VP of Finance

Adrienne Chang

VP of Operations

Stephen Zhu

VP of Events

Angela Chau

VP of Events

Hoony Shin

VP of Events

Jen Ju

VP of Career and Professional Development

Kevin Lam

VP of Career and Professional Development

Shu He

VP of Mentorship

Ryan Dumlao

VP of Marketing

Dimitri Keselman

VP of Marketing

Sophia Nguy

VP of Communications and Social Media

Abraham Kim

VP of Outreach

Kevin Chu

VP of FEMBA Relations

Jessica Lin

VP of Community

Guang Zhang

VP of Alumni Relations

Stephanie Lin

VP of International

Courtney Taira

VP of Membership and Enrichment



Korean BBQ
Mentorship Program
Study Break & Boba Tea
Asian Diversity in Entertainment Panel
Clubbing Night
LUNAMSA (Lunar Year Event)
Mentor-Mentee Rooftop Socials
Hot Pot Dinner
Volunteer Events with Angel City Pitbulls
Dim Sum
Leadership Workshop with LEAP
All AMSA Happy Hour
Hiking Trip
Vegas Inter-MBA Mixer
Karaoke Night
Bowling Night
Malibu Wines Tour
Second-year Send-off