UCLA Anderson's 22 month Executive MBA Program is designed for working professionals who have demanding jobs with high levels of responsibility. Managers and executives who have worked hard to achieve their current positions need not leave their posts for full-time course work. To accommodate busy schedules, UCLA Anderson arranges Executive MBA classes on Fridays and Saturdays on alternate weekends. All members of the Executive MBA cohort follow the same lock-step, class schedule.

Executive MBA class members provide an extraordinary learning resource for one another. Students are selected both for their overall abilities and for the contributions they can make to class. The Executive MBA program attracts highly accomplished leaders who share a record of successful work performance and managerial experience. Each student brings a unique set of skills and experiences. Together, participants create a collaborative learning environment that is second to none.


      • 1st in EMBA Career Services by The Wall Street Journal
      • 3rd in US and 13th globally by the Economist
      • 5th in the U.S. by BusinessWeek survey of Executive MBA programs
      • 6th in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report
      • 7th in the U.S. by Fortune10th in the U.S. and 37th worldwide by Financial Times

  • Admissions Policies
    • We evaluate applicant's prospects as future leaders and their ability to succeed in and benefit from our Executive MBA Program. We strategically create 12 study groups that represent diverse backgrounds and provides a rich learning environment.

      Admission Criteria

      The Executive MBA Admissions staff is interested in getting to know you before we process your application. Hence, we encourage you to contact us before you submit your application.The Executive MBA Admissions Committee considers a number of factors in selecting a candidate.

      » Each applicant must demonstrate:

          · Experience and expertise that will contribute to the overall educational experience.
          · Ability to do 'Graduate-level' coursework
          · Management achievement and potential
          · Willingness and ability to meet program commitments

      » Each applicant is carefully considered on the basis of:

          · Professional accomplishments
          · Leadership potential
          · Academic history based on transcripts
          · Recommendations from those who have managed you
          · GMAT or GRE scores and/or TOEFL Scores(if required)
          · Motivation and commitment

  • Application Requirements
  • Admissions Deadlines
      Round Application Submission* Decision Notification
      1 January 11, 2015 February 11, 2015
      2 March 8, 2015 April 8, 2015
      3 May 3, 2015 June 3, 2015

      *Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST on each deadline date.

  • Military Applicants

      The UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program warmly welcomes all military professionals and veterans. Our Admissions staff is experienced in working with the individual needs of those in the armed forces and has found time and time again that military professionals develop into our most successful MBA students.

      The convenient two-weekend a month class schedule allows military professionals to obtain their MBA Degree in only 22 months, while simultaneously working full time. Our program’s diverse curriculum builds upon leadership skills founded within the armed forces while fostering strategic business acumen for future decision making. Drawing from the multi-faceted model of a board of directors, our Admissions team creates 12 individually selected study groups with at least one military professional/veteran in each group. Experience has demonstrated that each group draws from the leadership, strong academic background, and diverse acquired skills possessed by individuals from the armed forces. With a long history of working with military personnel, our EMBA Career Coach with work closely with you throughout the program and beyond graduation to ensure that your career goals are met whether you choose to stay in the service or transition into a corporate position.

      UCLA Anderson is featured on the Military MBA website as a "Best Value Business School" and named as a "Top MBA School in 2013 by Service Academy Graduates".

      More active duty military and veterans are using their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to obtain a graduate degree in Business. Adding an MBA degree to military skills in logistics, leadership, language, health and engineering can help you secure jobs in top public and private sectors. If you are an officer, enlisted, and have a college degree, please visit Military MBA for free resources. Both active duty military servicemen and veterans are eligible to WAIVE the $200 application fee. Prior to application submission, please email emba.admissions@anderson.ucla.edu with your full name and 'Military Application Fee Waiver' in the subject line. Please note that the waiver is only granted once. Once we inform you that your waiver has been approved, you may continue to submit your application free of cost.


      Prospective Students: REQUEST MORE INFORMATION HERE

  • International Applicants
    • An international perspective on business and commerce is integral to success on an executive level, and UCLA Anderson values international knowledge and education in our admissions process. It is imperative to include an international perspective and a lively international discussion in and outside of the classroom. 36% of our Executive MBA class was born outside the United States with 15% of the EMBA Class of 2015 composed of international students.

      By the end of the Executive MBA program, our students form lifelong bonds which circle the globe. Additionally, with the many opportunities Executive MBA students have to travel and study globally, they have a deeper understanding of international management which will empower the rest of their lives.

      Applicants who do not have U.S. citizenship at the time of applying are considered as international. At this time, EMBA does not provide student visas for students who wish to take enroll in the UCLA Anderson Executive MBA Program. Visas must be arranged by the applicants.

      We evaluate all international undergraduate education within the context of each country's system. Do NOT try to convert your grade point average to the American 4.0 scale. We are familiar with the grading systems and the rigorous schools in every nation and we compare applicants based on how they performed versus other candidates from that country.

      Applicants who received their Undergraduate Degree from a University outside the United States must send ALL four of the following:

      1. Official transcripts in the native language of the country, certified as official with the school's original seal

      2. Complete translation into English of the transcript, certified by the school itself or else by a certified translator

      3. Degree certificate or diploma copy in the native language of the country, certified as official with the school's original seal, showing the exact degree received and date awarded

      4. Complete translation into English of the degree certificate, certified by the school itself or else by a certified translator

      Both UCLA Anderson and the UCLA Graduate Division will review academic records of all applicants whose undergraduate degrees were earned outside the U.S., to determine whether the academic credentials presented from the foreign institution are acceptable for admission to graduate student status. The Executive MBA Admissions office will notify applicants whom we intend to admit to UCLA Anderson. However, the Graduate Division reserves the right to make all final decisions on foreign academic records.

      English Language Proficiency Exams (TOEFL & IELTS)
      The work required at the UCLA Anderson School of Management cannot be accomplished without mastery of the English language. All applicants are required to take either the TOEFL or the IELTS examination if they earned their degrees in countries where the official language is not English. Either of the exams is accepted.

      The TOEFL is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), and is offered throughout the year at test centers around the world. Only official TOEFL score reports sent directly from ETS will be accepted for review. The TOEFL is a comprehensive test of English language skills and is used, together with the verbal section of the GMAT to determine whether a candidate is prepared to begin a graduate program conducted in English. Minimum scores required for admission to the University are 87 (iBT), 220 (computer based test) and 600 (paper-based test). International applicants admitted into UCLA Anderson typically score above 260 on the CBT and 610 on the paper-based exam. The TOEFL code for UCLA Anderson is 4837-02. (Note that the "02" is important for efficient processing of your application.)

      An applicant can only be excused from taking the TOEFL or IELTS if he or she:
      ·       Holds a bachelor's or higher degree from a university located in the United States or in another country in which English is BOTH the spoken language and the medium of instruction, OR
      ·       Has completed at least two years of full-time study at such an institution

      This means that all international applicants must take the TOEFL or IELTS, EXCEPT those who were educated in:
      ·       United States
      ·       Australia
      ·       Canada (not including Quebec)
      ·       Ireland
      ·       Jamaica
      ·       New Zealand
      ·       South Africa (not including Afrikaans-speaking areas)
      ·       United Kingdom

      Conversely, applicants ARE REQUIRED to take the TOEFL or IELTS if they were educated anywhere else, including such countries as:
      ·       India
      ·       Pakistan
      ·       Singapore
      ·       Nigeria
      ·       Canada (Quebec only)
      ·       South Africa (Afrikaans-speaking areas only)

      Work experience of any duration is insufficient to have the TOEFL/IELTS requirement waived since the determining factor is where the applicant was educated. Instruction in English is insufficient to have the TOEFL/IELTS requirement waived, unless that school is in one of the native English-speaking countries noted as exceptions above. UCLA Anderson is unable to waive these TOEFL/IELTS rules which are established by UCLA Graduate Division for all graduate-student applicants as stated in their English Requirements.

      Please consult the Admissions Decision Schedule to determine the date by which you must take the TOEFL in order to be considered for a particular admission deadline. TOEFL scores that are more than two years old are not acceptable 

      For Fall 2014 admission, the earliest acceptable test date is October 2012. Scores that are more than two years old are not acceptable.

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