M.B.A. Courses

200 - Advanced Microeconomics

208 - Public Services and Private Functions

201A - Business Forecasting

209 - Selected Topics in Business Economics

201B - Econometrics and Business Forecasting

296A - International Business Management

202A - Regulation

297A - Comparative and International Management

202B - Analytics of Competitive Strategy

297E - Business and Economics in Emerging Markets

205A - International Business Economics

298D - Special Topics in Management

205B - Comparative Market Structure and Competition

405 - Managerial Economics

205C - Business Forecasting for Foreign Economics

406 - Global Economics

207 - Resource Administration of Nonmarket Activities

200. ADVANCED MICROECONOMICS. Prerequisite: course 405. Economist's approach to organization and competitive interaction. Topics include game theory, threat credibility, incentive contracts, information advantages, and entry deterrence.

201A. BUSINESS FORECASTING. Examination of one approach to analytical thinking -- forcing numerical and textual data into carefully formulated alternative models. Data studied include macroeconomic variables (growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, and exchange rates), industry data, and firm data.

201B. ECONOMETRICS AND BUSINESS FORECASTING. Development of standard topics in applied econometric modeling. Emphasis on assumptions underlying classical normal linear regression model, special problems in application, and interpretation of results. Practical applications extensively developed in student projects.

202A. REGULATION. Prerequisite: course 405. Reasons for government intervention in theory and practice. Effect of regulation on business. How regulation and deregulation occur. Areas include public utilities, banking, pollution, and the political process.

202B. ANALYTICS OF COMPETITIVE STRATEGY. Prerequisites: courses 402 and 405. Development and analysis of strategies to maximize value in competitive and cooperative situations. Problems include competitive bidding, tacit collusion, and strategies in repeated settings.

203B. ECONOMICS OF INFORMATION. Prerequisites: course 203A. Optimal decision and information rules. Amount, cost, and value of information. Risk aversion, stochastic dominance, and their impact on economic decisions in a stochastic environment.

205A. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ECONOMICS. Prerequisites: courses 405 and 406. International business environment, international economic institutions, national and regional trade policies and developments, trends in foreign markets, and international monetary problems, studied for their influence on organizaiton and operation of the international corporation.

205B. COMPARATIVE MARKET STRUCTURE AND COMPETITION. Prerequisite: course 201A. Comparative study of public policies toward competition, market structures, and competitive practices in key industries in selected countries.

205C. BUSINESS FORECASTING FOR FOREIGN ECONOMIES. Prerequisite: course 201A. Forecasting changes in business activity, population, industrial structure, productivity, Gross Domestic Product and its components for selected countries. S/U or letter grading.

207. RESOURCE ADMINISTRATION OF NONMARKET ACTIVITIES. Prerequisite: course 405. Examination of behavior of managers in profit vs. not-for-profit sectors to determine critical variables that explain observed differences in behavior. Use of methodology of microeconomics, particularly utility maximization.

208. PUBLIC SERVICES AND PRIVATE FUNCTIONS. Prerequisites: courses 405 and 406. Sources and uses of federal, state, and local revenues and their impact on public and private resource allocation. Examination of proper roles of government and private sector resource allocation. Examination of proper roles of government and private sector in financing and provision of public goods and services.

209. SELECTED TOPICS IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Special topics in business economics. Current developments in theory or practice in business economics.

296A - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Indentification, anaylsis and resolution of managerial issues of policy and action within context of a multinational corporation, with emphasis on problems of adaptation to different sociological, cultural, legal, political, and economic environmental characteristics on planning, structuring of organizational relationships, and coordinate and control in multinational firms.

297A. COMPARATIVE AND INTERNATIONAL MANAGENT. Comparative study of practice of management in selected foreign countries, as affected by their social environments and development of management theory.

297E. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS IN EMERGING MARKETS. Analysis of market-oriented reform process currently underway in the emerging economies of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Exploration of issues related to privatization, economic growth, inflation and stabilization, interest rate behavior, exchange rates, global competitiveness, unemployment, political and economic risk, and the opening to international trade.

298D. SPECIAL TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT. In-depth examination of problems or issues of current concern in management, with numerous topics offered each year. Courses are open to MBA and PhD students. In Spring 2008, Social Entrepreneurship (Mgmt 298D-10) taught by Jonathan Greenblatt will be offered.

405. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS. Prerequisite: graduate standing. Analysis of consumer, producer. And market behavior. Market structure, pricing, and resource allocation. Applications to managerial strategy and public policy, with emphasis on competition, market power, and externalities.

406. GLOBAL ECONOMY. Prerequisites: courses 402, 403, 405. Provides analytical framework required for understanding the way changing macroeconomic conditions in world economy affect economic growth, inflation, interest rates behavior, exchange rate determination, global competitiveness, unemployment, and the trade account. Provides skills to enable students to assess critically how developments in world economy affect particular industry environments.

Ph.D. Courses

296B - International Comparative Management Research
298A - Special Topics in Management Theory
298B - Special Topics in International and Comparative Management
298D - Special Topics in Management

296B - INTERNATIONAL COMPARATIVE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH. In-depth study of theory and research pertaining to international business and comparative management. Emphasis on recent research developments and methodological issues. Imparts knowledge on design and conduct of international comparative management research.

298A. SPECIAL TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT THEORY. Examination in depth of problems or issues of current concern in management theory. Emphasis on recent contributions to theory, research and methodology.

298B. SPECIAL TOPICS IN INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE MANAGEMENT. Examination in depths of problems or issues of current concern in international and comparative management. Emphasis on recent contributions to theory, research and methodology.