At Every Stage, We’re There

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, so please reach out to share your background, receive feedback on your candidacy and get answers to your questions about the program or the application process. EMBA alumni are also available to speak with you to share their experience in the program.




Carla Hayn

Senior Associate Dean

George Ingersoll (’09, Ph.D. ’15)

Associate Dean

Tom Larsen

Director of Career and Leadership Development

Dina Lee

Director of Finance and Special Initiatives


EMBA Admissions


Shannon Bell

Director of Corporate Outreach and Admissions

Christina Marentes

Associate Director of Admissions

Ellen Min (B.A. ’17)

Admissions Coordinator

Cynthia Summerville

Receptionist and Special Assistant to the Deans


Student Affairs


Francesca Baugh (M.Ed. ’02)

Senior Director

Allison Etkins

Program Manager

Nanette Ramzan

Program Manager

Judy Hernandez

Program Manager

Shelly Fraga

Program Manager