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The Rosenfeld Library partners with the Parker Career Management Center (PCMC) and the Professional MBA Programs Career Management Center, who along with the UCLA Career Center, have the primary responsibility for career planning and job search. Parker CMC provides research resources (including Vault and WetFeet) and appointments (Anderson student login required) with professional counselors. FEMBA and EMBA students have access to the ProMBA Career Management Center and their Career Tools.

Internet resources for career needs have been selected by the UCLA Career Center in their Job Search Websites. They also offer Academic Job Search Links and Non-Academic Job Search Links for graduate students. This Center has a library specialized in career research.

While the Rosenfeld Library acquires materials for curriculum use, some sources of company and industry information have career planning uses, as evident in this research strategy and the guides listed on the page: Career Management - Research Using the Rosenfeld Library. NOTE: Some online sources are covered by contracts limiting access to curriculum use by UCLA faculty and current UCLA students, and some further limited to UCLA Anderson use.

I. Information on a Prospective Employer

I-A. First, determine whether the company is public stock company. (Private companies are not required to make disclosures, jump to I-D and I-E.) - to know how much information is publicly available

Or, check whether it is a subsidiary of another company that is public.

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I-B. Background on a Public Company, in the Company's Own Words (No public disclosure reports on most private companies, jump to I-D and I-E.) - sources of company annual reports

  • Mergent Online - for annual reports, click: enter mergent online; type company name in Identifier box, select company match from results; click Annual Reports tab
  • EDGAR database - for the company-filed 10-K Annual Report and other filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
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I-C. Background on a Public Company, from Third Parties - profile or analysis

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I-D. Company Developments in the Latest 3-5 Years

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I-E. Latest Company Events - Latest 90 Days

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II. Seeking Target Companies

II-A. (Large) Size Specific of Companies >

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II-B. Companies in a Specific Industry (Use index by SIC codes.)

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II-C. Companies in a Specific Geographical Area

California (For companies within other states, see national directories listed in II-B.)

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II-D. International Companies

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III. Seeking a Target Industry

III-A. Standard Industry Groupings

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III-B. Industry Profiles

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III-C. Industry Trends & News (See also titles in I-D)

III-D. Industry Performance Measures (Benchmarks & Ratios)

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III-E. Association & Trade Sources (Contacts for unpublished information)

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For additional Rosenfeld Library Guides created for CMC use, see the listing at:
Career Management - Research Using the Rosenfeld Library


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