Rosenfeld Library

Through Technology ... the UCLA Rosenfeld Library is Everywhere

One of the UCLA Libraries, Rosenfeld Library is the information partner of the UCLA Anderson School of Management and is an integral part of Anderson Computing & Information Services (ACIS).

The ACIS physical and electronic environment is designed to facilitate research, information & technology skills building, communication and collaboration. Library and Computing share the Rosenfeld Library building to deliver convenient access to information and computing services.

To enable UCLA Anderson faculty, students, and staff to access, create, analyze, organize, and exchange information necessary to achieve research, educational, and administrative objectives through the delivery of quality, professional information support services.

Library services and computing technology are completely interwoven at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. UCLA Anderson Computing & Information Services (ACIS) is comprised of dedicated and enterprising librarians, programmers, technicians, and staff working together to deliver a spectrum of library and electronic services to the UCLA Anderson community.

One of 12 campus libraries, Rosenfeld Library is the information partner of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Our collections support the UCLA Anderson curriculum in areas of business and management, such as accounting, business economics, strategy and policy, finance, human resources, marketing, organizational behavior, and more.

Rosenfeld Library
UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza, E-301
Box 951460
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1460
(310) 825-3138

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Rosenfeld Library