Now, more than ever, is the time for women leaders and influencers to advance the course of business and the economy.


Success Stories


These students and alumnae are paving the way to success and inclusion for future generations of women worldwide.

The App That Demystifies 21st-Century College Saving

UCLA Anderson FEMBA alumna Ksenia Yudina (’14) may be the only finance expert in the U.S. cracking the 529 code for regular people

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Sana Rahim (FEMBA '19)

Despite setbacks, John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Sana Rahim has risen to the challenge to help other people

Anna Goldberg ('18)

John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Anna Goldberg ('18) changed the rules of inclusion so everyone can flourish

Martine Rothblatt
(B.A. ’77, MBA/J.D. ’81)

UCLA awarded Anderson alumna Martine Rothblatt its highest honor, the UCLA Medal

Diamon Lockett (FEMBA '18)

Meet innovator Diamon Lockett, who went over roadblocks to open doors

Jessica Kimball ('15)

Jessica Kimball went from graduation to head of global diversity at Mattel in two short years

Kelsey Doorey ('13)

What is Vow To Be Chic founder Kelsey Doorey's secret weapon?

Velocity is a unique celebration of the power and resilience of women. The annual Anderson Women's Leadership Summit is where inspirational women who have learned, earned and triumphed will show how they've succeeded — and how we can open doors for each other in the future.


Highlights from the 2018 Velocity


Susan Love ('98)

Susan blurb about her keynote video

Lynda Resnick

Lynda Resnick, co-owner and vice-chair of the Wonderful Company, could give the impression that success has come easily to her

Susanne Daniels

As YouTube's global head of original programming, Susanne Daniels is a powerful advocate for creative women in entertainment

Determined. Bold. Resilient.

These are the women of the 2018 UCLA Anderson Velocity Conference




Our work effects positive change on campus and around the globe.

Cynthy Moffatt (’88) and Beth Friedman (’87) inspired an initiative to help fellow alumnae re-enter the workforce

U.S. Air Force veteran Kristina Iskander wants to make job sharing fly

GIRLSCHOOL entrepreneur Anna Bulbrook joined Anderson’s Impactathon and pitched her way to first place

From Custom to Customizable: When Family Businesses Evolve with L&L's Elisia Flores

Nike Irvin (’89) is building a model for U.S. truth and reconciliation based on those that have succeeded internationally

UCLA Anderson's Embracing Diversity conference inspires real action in the workplace

Learning the ropes: First-year MBA Chenjie Ding (’19) takes action and builds trust

Global Purview

A UCLA Anderson field study team visited two countries and produced research to help the International Labour Organization devise strategy to engage business leaders worldwide through a new publication on women in business and management.


5 Questions With

  • Vandana Mangal

    Founding Executive Director, Easton Technology Management Center
    UCLA Anderson School of Management

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    Connie Knight (’98)

    Head of Multicultural Content Partnerships, YouTube

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    Ana Peña ('13)

    Director of Conference Support Team, Teach for All

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    Bo Cross ('16)

    Operations Manager, Lyft
    Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Navy

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  • Tazia Middleton ('18)

    Certified Financial Planner
    Co-President, Black Business Students Association

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    Erica Dionne ('09)

    VP of Product Development and Strategy, Digital Distribution, NBCUniversal Inc.

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    Diana Salsa (B.A. '03, '09)

    Director of Marketing,
    Wonderful Citrus

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We share succes, fostering dialogue between seasoned professionals and our student body.

Sherry Lansing is a trailblazer for women in film and philanthropy

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Disney CFO Christine McCarthy proved she's a a “risk” that paid off

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Social Entrepreneur Leila Janah asked, "What if you could help end global poverty in your lifetime?"

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Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum made it her mission to tackle homelessness in Los Angeles

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Rebecca Bilek-Chee (’16) and Jeff Cornell (’08) agree there’s something about Anderson that brings people together

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At the helm of a Top 20 network, BET’s Debra Lee always aims for authenticity

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Dr. Susan Love ('98) hurdled sexism to make greater strides toward a cure for cancer

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Faculty Research


UCLA Anderson Review highlights cutting-edge research of interest
to women and the wider world.

Fernanda Bravo

Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

Corrine Bendersky

Professor of Management

Margaret Shih

UCLA Anderson Board of Visitors Term Chair in Management

Cassie Mogilner Holmes

Associate Professor of Marketing

Hengchen Dai

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making

Suzanne Shu

Associate Professor of Marketing

Carla Hayn

Professor of Accounting; Faculty Director, International Initiatives

Mariko Sakakibara

Professor of Policy

Jennifer Whitson

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

Elisa Long

Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management

Paola Giuliano

Associate Professor of Economics

Magali Delmas

Associate Professor of Marketing


In the News


Female faculty at UCLA Anderson make headlines with new research influencing markets, industry and consumer behavior.

Behaviorally Informed Policies for Household Financial Decisionmaking

Suzanne Shu and Hal Hershfield found that households' poor financial outcomes can result from systematic psychological tendencies

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Jana Gallus Assesses the Value of Rewards like the Oscars

At the height of awards season economist Jana Gallus told the L.A. Times what "cherished but intrinsically valueless little baubles" might really be worth to the human spirit

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How the Internet and E-Commerce Are Hacking Protectionismg

Kati Suominen examines what the U.S. can do to help small online entrepreneurs tap the global marketplace

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Experts Come Up with Surprising Solutions to Climate Change in New UC/Vox Video Series

Magali Delmas promotes conservationist behavior in the first episode of the six-part University of California/Vox Media series on climate change

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UCLA Optimists

  • Marion Anderson

    She saw to the future

    Linda Liau (Ph.D. '99, '16)

    She leads the brain trust that fights brain tumors

    Susan Wojcicki ('98)

    She helped build our connected world

    Christine Simmons (B.S. '98)

    She always keeps her eye on the ball

  • Lynn Vavreck

    Her uncommon political insights serve the common good

    Anna Lee Fisher (B.S. '71, M.D. '76, M.S. '77)

    Some working moms love their commute

    Nina Gregory

    Her voice transports you

    Jorja Leap

    For her, the city streets are roads to redemptions


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