Information Systems Research Program

Founded in 1978, the Information Systems Research Program (ISRP) enjoys a world-wide reputation, supporting the ongoing research of UCLA Anderson's faculty and students and providing close ties to the IS professional community represented by members of the IS Associates, which provides for a portion of the ISRP's core funding.

The ISRP currently supports a variety of research activities. It first of all funds a portion of the costs associated with several ongoing faculty research projects. It provides for research assistantships, supports travel to scholarly conferences, and funds needed research equipment. It also supports doctoral student research and a recently established Visiting Fellows Program. Additionally, it publishes an IS Working Paper Series, supports research presentations by visitors, and maintains relationships with business firms which cooperate in and serve as sites for research. Among the IS Associates, some participate in cooperative research as IS Research Associates.

 Prof. Burt Swanson is Director of the ISRP.

In the News

Professor Burt Swanson retired on July 1, 2013, but is recalled to continue his direction of the Information Systems Research Program. He is author of the recent working paper, "A Simple Research Impacts Model with Application to the Field of Information Systems," and collaborated with Professor Fred Niederman of St. Louis University in organizing the Senior Scholars Forum on "The Impact of IS Research: Is it enough? How do we expand? How do we document?" for the 2013 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) held December 15-18 in Milan.

The UCLA Information Systems Associates celebrated their 35th anniversary on October 21, 2013, with an afternoon program on "Leadership and Delivery Excellence" featuring Thornton May, Virginia McFerran, Carrie Freeman, and Professor Moshe Rubinstein as speakers. Three of the original founders of the IS Associates, Former Director Lew Leeburg, Professor Ephraim McLean, and former executive DuWayne Peterson, attended and offered remarks on this special occasion. The Information Systems Associates has provided funding and material support, including the providing of research sites, for the Information Systems Research Program since its inception.

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