Information Systems Research Program

Founded in 1978, the Information Systems Research Program (ISRP) enjoys a world-wide reputation, supporting the ongoing research of UCLA Anderson's faculty and students and providing close ties to the IS professional community represented by members of the IS Associates, which provides for a portion of the ISRP's core funding.

The ISRP currently supports a variety of research activities. It first of all funds a portion of the costs associated with several ongoing faculty research projects. It provides for research assistantships, supports travel to scholarly conferences, and funds needed research equipment. It also supports doctoral student research and a recently established Visiting Fellows Program. Additionally, it publishes an IS Working Paper Series, supports research presentations by visitors, and maintains relationships with business firms which cooperate in and serve as sites for research. Among the IS Associates, some participate in cooperative research as IS Research Associates.

 Prof. Burt Swanson is Director of the ISRP.

In the News

IS doctoral grad Genaro Matute Mejia, ESAN faculty member, and former Comptroller General of Peru, 2001-2008, died of a heart attack at his home on February 19, 2015.   He will be much missed by all who knew him.  ESAN has published a special tribute, a copy of which we post here.

Professor Burt Swanson and IS doctoral grads Neil Ramiller, Portland State University, and Ping Wang, University of Maryland, each presented a paper at a session of this summer's annual meeting of the Academy of Management, held in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The session was titled "Rethinking Information Systems and Digital Innovation."  Burt's paper was "Theorizing Information Systems as Evolving Technology."  Neil's paper was "The Material Imagination: Making the Immaterial Material in Information Technology Innovation."  Ping's paper (with X. Meng and B. Butler) was "Ecology for Digital Innovation: Understanding the Evolution of Customer Relationship Management." 

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