Easton Technology Leadership Program

Easton Technology Leadership Program

To develop technology leaders through academic excellence and industry exposure. 


The program, popular among students given their high-tech interests, exposes them to the rapidly transforming technology landscape across different verticals including high-tech, defense, healthcare, education, entertainment & media, retail and financial services - from startups to large corporation.

Easton Program's 3 Pillars

The program leverages UCLA Anderson's students' technology focus and entrepreneurial drive, its faculty's academic excellence and its Alumni & Industry Professionals' (A&IP) experience in the technology sector. 


Curricular offerings include courses taught by faculty and alumni & industry professionals. Technology offerings cover areas of emerging technologies and their associated markets; managing technology; product management and development; and web and data analytics and have grown to twenty-one offerings this year. Interactive workshops taught by experts enhance the course offerings in the technology and soft skills domains.

Events & Workshops 

The Easton program aims to equip students with the technology and leadership skills necessary to become technology leaders. To this effort, Easton provides students access to many different non-course activities mainly led by industry professionals. These include workshops (e.g., Agile Workshops, Emotional Intelligence Workshops), talks (e.g. Leadership Style Series, Tech Innovations Panel), as well as various events. 

Industry Mentors

Our goal is to connect Easton students with industry professionals that can serve as role models and advisers to them in their career plans. As an Easton Industry Mentor, you will be able to give back to the community and personally invest in the life and career of a developing business professional. In addition, you will have access to all Easton events and workshops with opportunities to network with fellow industry professionals and UCLA Anderson faculty.

2013 Top Employing Companies: 





Booz Allen Hamilton





ZS Associates



Johnson & Johnson



Easton Program Blog

  • Check out Professor John Villasenor's blog "Five Things The Texas Ebola Case Can Teach Us About Critical Infrastructure Security." Professor John Villasenor taught UCLA Anderson's MGMT 275 Intellectual Property for Technology Entrepreneurs and Managers and is a UCLA Professor (electrical engineering and public policy). He will be giving a talk...
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    Thu, 09 Oct 2014
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  • Last week’s highly anticipated new product announcements from Apple® included an exciting new development for the world of mobile payments – Apple announced a new digital payment service called Apple Pay™, said to work with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus devices, and new Apple Watch™. Many competitive mobile...
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    Wed, 17 Sep 2014
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  • Vandana Mangal, Anderson School, UCLA By Stefanie Pietkiewicz,UCLA Office of Information Technology Vandana Mangal is the Executive Director for the Easton Technology Leadership Program and the Research Director for Business and Information Technologies (BIT) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Vandana, who is also the newest addition to the...
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    Wed, 03 Sep 2014
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  • In his Easton keynote address last month, former Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin gave his projection that the biggest growth driver in the mobile industry over the next six years will be the content -- that is, the “Apps.” (If you haven’t yet seen his keynote address, check it out here...
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    Wed, 30 Jul 2014
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  • Arun Sarin, past CEO of Vodafone and currently on the board of Safeway, Inc. and Charles Schwab, gave a keynote presentation that was organized by the Easton Technology Leadership Program at the Anderson school on May 22nd, 2014. Terry Kramer who worked for Vodafone as Regional President for the Americas...
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    Sat, 31 May 2014

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Arun Sarin

Easton Annual Keynote Event: Arun Sarin

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