UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program

Strengthening the Management and Leadership Skills of Executives of Community Health Centers and AIDS Service Providers

The UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program (HCEP) provides a unique opportunity for executives of community health centers and AIDS Service providers to participate in an eleven day intensive management training session, held annually at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Participants engage in a rigorous but relevant curriculum that provides the requisite skills, knowledge and abilities to successfully manage and lead change in their organizations and communities. The program has graduated nearly 700 participants since its inception in 2002 and is generously supported by Johnson & Johnson.

The HCEP is especially designed and valuable for community health centers that are adapting to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA requires that community health centers and community-based health care organizations enhance the efficiency and scope of their service delivery model, consider building alliances and partnerships, provide for expanded patient access, position themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace, enhance the patient experience, improve health outcomes, and develop and utilize effective health information systems. These and other competencies relevant to health care reform are the focus of the HCEP.

The program builds both executive and entrepreneurial management skills. Sixty-five hours of classroom instruction include lectures, group discussions, case studies, and workshops. Designed from a strategic planning perspective, the curriculum consists of practical tools, techniques and approaches to leadership and management relevant to community health centers and AIDS service providers. The program is also designed to assist the executives from the organizations to adapt to the rapid and radical changes in policy, demographics and technology impacting health care today. The curriculum represents a course of study developed by UCLA Faculty, the Program Advisory Board and field research. Faculty members for the program are drawn largely from UCLA Anderson. Specific faculty from other UCLA Schools, other universities, and practicing members of the health care field are also selected to teach in the program.

Graduates of the HCEP program are awarded a certificate from UCLA Anderson and are given the option of receiving academic post-graduate level credits through the continuing education arm of UCLA, UCLA Extension

Program Mission

The principal mission of the Health Care Executive Program is to strengthen the management skills of executives and leaders of health centers and AIDS service providers by:

Providing them with modern management theories and principles

Building Management and Leadership Competencies

Increasing their ability to plan, lead and control the effective delivery of health services in an increasingly changing and challenging environment


Graduation Slideshow

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