= Accelerate your global expansion =

Each year over 50 companies from 8-10 foreign countries explore new market entry with the help of the Global Access Program. Global expansion is an unstructured, large-scale exercise. The Global Access Program offers technology executives the critical information they need to make complicated decisions with confidence.

Our Global Access Program (GAP) selects teams of five FEMBA students to work closely with the top management of your company. Collectively, these students will spend over 2,000 hours in research, analysis, and consultations as they develop new strategies for growth-a service few firms can afford based on today's consulting rates.

= Real-time market data, sophisticated analysis, actionable recommendations =

Working under the guidance of UCLA Anderson's faculty, the team develops an investment-grade strategic plan. Along with detailed financial projections, GAP strategic plans provide actionable marketing, operational, and strategic recommendations.

By leveraging the knowledge of a diverse team of MBA candidates and their highly skilled faculty advisor, GAP companies vastly expand their understanding of their target market. GAP companies benefit from over 100 primary research interviews conducted on their behalf with all of the stakeholder groups that play a role in their success or failure in the market.

= Successful professionals, exceptional students. =

We are often asked how a team of MBA students could have the skillset necessary to understand the complexities of new foreign market entry. UCLA Anderson Fully-employed MBA's are executives themselves excelling in their careers while earning their degree.  

On average, FEMBA students possess nine years of work experience, with backgrounds in marketing, finance, operations, and technology. As executives at some of California's most successful companies, our FEMBA's are often subject matter experts in your field.  This creates unique and immediate value for GAP companies.  To learn more about GAP students, please visit our student profiles page.

= A Program with Real Benefits =

The value of our Global Access Program can be measured in a number of ways: To date, over $250 million in new investment capital has been raised by GAP strategic plans. GAP has also helped international firms form strategic partnerships, secure financing, create U.S. subsidiaries, open U.S. distribution channels, and even sell their companies. The UCLA Anderson Global Access Program has helped over 500 companies move their business to the next level in its 16-year history.