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Forty-seven years ago, UCLA Anderson launched the nation's first field-study program- Applied Management Research (AMR). Its 3,000+ clients have included Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, microfinance institutions and startups. As a capstone experience of each and every Anderson MBA's journey, students choose teams of peers to embark on a 20-week project in one of three directions. In the Management Field Study (traditional AMR), students can partner with a top organization to solve a key strategic issue. The Business Creation Option gives entrepreneurs the chance to launch their companies while still in school. The Special Project Option allows teams to analyze a strategic issue facing an entire industry.
2014 - 2015 Statistics
2013 - 2014 Teams
Galapagos Equador
Conservation international - Galapagos Equador

Developing a financial model to communicate potential investment returns within the Galapagos lobster fisher
Wellness - Cameroon
Global Wellness - Cameroon

Analyzing the impacts of industrial logging in Cameroon
Mercy Corps - Uganda
Mercy Corps - Uganda

Developing a sustainable retail distribution model to bring socially beneficial goods to dispersed communities in Uganda
Wellness - Cameroon
Vittana - Phillipines

Growing the presence of microfinance driven student loans in higher education in the Phillipines