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UCLA Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Forum: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

The proposed Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, which has potentially sweeping implications for large-scale development in Los Angeles, is being targeted for the March 2017 LA City election. The April 27th forum, a partnership of the Ziman Center and ULI-LA, brought together a panel of experts to discuss the Initiative's potential impact. Key stakeholders included private developers, affordable housing developers, neighborhood associations, labor, transit-oriented development advocates, elected officials, planning professionals, and urban designers. The Forum focused on LA's planning process and on creating a viable path forward.

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The Ziman Center sponsors a wide array of UCLA Anderson, UCLA Law and UCLA undergraduate student organizations, programs and activities to augment student training and development for careers in real estate.

UCLA Law Clinic Step Up Groundbreaking 2014

Community Outreach

Housing is fundamental to our quality of life, not just in Los Angeles, but around the world. UCLA possesses the academic expertise and core public education and service mission to play a leadership role in this area.

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UCLA Economic Letter

Monthly condensed analysis of crucial real estate and economic issues offered by the UCLA Anderson Forecast and UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate.

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