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Throughout the year, titans of the business world are invited to share their journey and offer insights to students looking to innovate and make change in their chosen field.


John Stankey (’91)


Senior Executive Vice President
AT&T/Time Warner Merger Integration Planning, AT&T Services, Inc.

Board of Advisors John Stankey, leads AT&T’s Time Warner Merger Integration Planning team. Most recently, he led the AT&T Entertainment Group, responsible for the company’s DIRECTV and consumer wireless businesses.

Stankey has served as CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group, which includes DirecTV, the telco’s consumer entertainment offerings including video and content development, and its mobility, broadband internet, and advertising businesses.

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Christine M. McCarthy (’81), The Walt Disney Company

Tom Enders, CEO, Airbus Group

Debra L. Reed, Chairman and CEO, Sempra Energy

Andy Campion ’93 (BA), ’03, EVP & CFO, Nike, Inc.

Susan Wojcicki ’98, CEO, YouTube

A.G. Lafley, Executive Chairman, P&G