Professional> Marketing Association (MA)

The Marketing Association educates students about the benefits of a marketing background for all types of careers, assists members in preparing for internships and full-time positions, and builds awareness among corporate recruiters and prospective students that UCLA Anderson is a premier marketing institution.


MA Officers


Christa Beal


Rebecca Katz

VP of Admissions

Kathryn Corcoran

VP of Alumni Relations

Christina Brehm

VP of Brand

Judy Zhou

VP of Brand

Angela Chau

VP of Brand

Victor Kang

VP of Academic Engagement

Todd Choi

VP of Career Development

Alex Verdauger

VP of Career Development

Jaimie Vartanian

VP of Career Development

Adrienne Chang

VP of Cross Club Collaboration

Laura El Daher

VP of Cross Club Collaboration

Betty Sheu

VP of Events and Operations

Stephanie Celotto

VP of FEMBA Relations

Erin Swan

VP of FEMBA Relations

Nic Mohadjer

VP of Finance

Alexis Ryan

VP of Interview Development

Jen Ju

VP of Recruiter Relations

Sofia Virani

VP of Recruiter Relations

Alex Keyes

VP of Recruiter Relations




Fall Functional Career Night

Fall Career Night is a premier opportunity for roundtable discussions with recruiters and alumni about MBA opportunities in traditional and emerging fields of marketing, operations, corporate finance and internal strategy. Last year’s participants included Mattel, General Mills, Clorox, E. & J. Gallo Winery and Nestle.

Corporate Presentations & Case Studies

Meet prominent marketing executives, including some of UCLA Anderson’s most successful alumni, while learning about their companies.

Days on the Job

Days on the Job (DOJs) gives students the opportunity to spend the day at a company learning about MBA marketing roles. Visits typically include presentations, case studies and networking with marketers and corporate recruiters. The MA works with companies to host DOJ events in Los Angeles throughout the fall and in the Bay Area prior to the beginning of UCLA Anderson’s winter quarter.

Career Workshops & Panels

Workshops and panels introduce students to a variety of marketing topics, careers and interview techniques. These include panels introducing members to the breadth of post-MBA career options in marketing and career development workshops in digital marketing, marketing data analytics, advertising, case interviewing and more.

Interview Prep Teams

Interview Prep Teams (IPT) are small groups led by second-year students who were successful in the internship recruiting process. The teams meet once a week in the fall and winter to practice behavioral and marketing case interview questions. Prior to the start of on-campus interviewing, second-year students and career center advisors also conduct full-length mock interviews with internship-seeking students as part of a day long workshop.

Alumni Networking

The Alumni Mentorship Program pairs students with recent alumni to help students understand what a career in marketing looks like post-MBA. Alumni Mixers in the fall and winter and the Alumni Brunch in the spring are great opportunities to network with alumni in all industries and stages of their careers. Dinners for Eight (D48s) are small group dinners that provide more intimate opportunities to meet local alumni working in marketing across a broad range of industries and roles.


Happy hours with club members, lunches with marketing faculty and quarterly town hall meetings are great opportunities to get to know Marketing Association members and build a network to support your future career in marketing.