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Out@Anderson provides professional development, social networking and advocacy opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and queer-identified students and allies at UCLA Anderson.

 We connect LGBTQ students and allies within the Anderson network, throughout UCLA and across the greater community.  

We have tremendous pride in ourselves at UCLA Anderson School of Management, which is a safe, supportive and empowering space for LGBTQ students, staff and faculty. In addition to the rich diversity and passion of our LGBTQ community, our strength is amplified by the unquestionable support from our allies. There is much work to be done in achieving equality across the corporate sector and beyond, and Anderson gives us the tools to bring about positive change for LGBTQ individuals.


O@A Officers


David Poli


Kyle Bernier


Geoff Sokolowski

VP of Outreach and Admissions

Leigh Alcott

VP of Outreach and Admissions

Chloe Vieira

VP of Communications

Andrew Jancaric

VP of Alumni Relations

Kevin Lam

VP of Corporate Relations and Professional Development

Phil Bea

VP of Corporate Relations and Professional Development

Maria Mireles

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Vilay Khandelwal

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Christina Brehm

VP of Social

George Cardon

VP of Social

Jonathan Bryson

VP of Education and Ally Relations

Roy Quinto

VP of Education and Ally Relations




The 2017 Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Student Conference (ROMBA) provides future lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender leaders from around the world the opportunity to network, learn and improve their skills so they will emerge stronger and more confident in the business world. Leading businesses partner with the conference to show support for the LGBT community and recruit top level talent.  


Ask a Gay is a program that has been wildly successful at other top business schools across the country. It is a structured - yet casual - opportunity to ask Anderson's very own LGBTQ++ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and all other self-identifications) community about what it's like to be out, share their personal stories and discuss general topics about LGBTQ++ life/norms/vocab, etc. 


In cooperation with the larger UCLA campus, LGBTQ Awareness week brings together LGBTQ students and allies to discuss issues currently facing the LGBTQ community. Various events are held during the week, including an Ally Rally, a Questions for Queers Panel and a Moment of Silence to commemorate the nationwide GLSEN Day of Silence.