Identity> Korean Business Student Association (KBSA)

The Korean Business Student Association (KBSA) aims to cultivate professional networking with business professionals and entrepreneurs of the Far East, connecting Anderson students to global businesses based in Asia, particularly in Korea. By organizing annual activities both on- and off-campus, KBSA provides the opportunity for students to deepen their business knowledge, refine their perspectives and enhance the international alumni network while increasing the global brand value of UCLA Anderson.


KBSA Officers


Hwayoung Kim


Hoseong Shim

External Vice President

Mincheol Park

VP of Academics

Daniel Hong

VP of Admissions

Jaewon Lee

VP of Alumni Relations

Dongjin Ham

VP of Alumni Relations

Jason Park

VP of Alumni Relations

David Lee

VP of Career Development

Jay Chung

VP of Communications

Joong young Noh

VP of Communications

Jung Shin

VP of FEMBA Relations

Bobby Kim

VP of Finance

Todd Choi

VP of Marketing

Abraham Kim

VP of Outreach

Hoony Shin

VP of Event



UCLA Anderson Summer Info Session in Seoul
KBSA Alumni Mixer in Seoul
UCLA Alumni Reception with Dean Judy Olian in Seoul
K-BBQ Night
KBSA Family Ski Trip
KBSA Korea Night Dodgers Day
International Food Festival
K-Town Trek
KBSA Family Picnic
UCLA Anderson-USC Marshall Golf Tournament
K-Pop Karaoke Night
KBSA Alumni Mixer in L.A.