These homeworks rely to a large extent on the statistical software package EVIEWS, available at http://www.eviews.com/index.html. An introduction to EVIEWS is embedded in the first homework: What is GDP? Like any software, getting familiar with EVIEWS takes some time, but once that barrier is overcome, you cannot do without it. I have also provided EXCEL versions of these homework. Be warned, however, that for real data work, EXCEL is an extremely clumsy setting. Itís great for graphs but poor for regressions. If not EVIEWS, there are many other statistical packages that allow you to do this work efficiently.

  1. Chapter 2: What is GDP?
  2. Chapter 3: What are the Components of GDP?
  3. Chapter 5: How do four key macro variables behave?
  4. Chapter 9: Is your job at risk in recessions?
  5. Chapter 12: What helps to predict an oncoming recession?
  6. Chapter 15: What can cure a recession?