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Journal Articles

"Learning by Doing and Market Structure," (with Natarajan Balasubramanian), Forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Economics. Appendix.

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"A Literature Citation Study of Science-Technology Coupling in Electronics," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 66, No. 1, January 1978. Paper was awarded the Browder Thompson prize for the best research paper by an author under 30 published in an IEEE journal during 1978.

Book Chapters

“Business Imitation,” (with Shigeru Asaba), in Charles Wankel, ed., Handbook of 21st Century Management, Sage, 2007.

"Organizing for Technological Innovation in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry," (with Aya Chacar), in Joel Baum and Olav Sorenson, eds., Geography and Strategy (Advances in Strategic Management, Volume 20, 2003).

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"Estimating the Benefits to Society from Integrated Circuit Innovations: the Case of MOS Dynamic RAM's," in R. Wilson et al., Innovation, Competition and Government Policy in the Semiconductor Industry, Lexington Books, 1981, pp. 122-31.


Other Publications

"First Mover Advantages," Forthcoming in Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management.

"The Revitalization of U.S. Manufacturing," Institute for International Economic Studies, Tokyo, Japan, Seminar Series 9706, June 1997.









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