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M. Keith Chen
Associate Professor of Economics, UCLA Anderson School of Management

E-mail address:
Office Phone:
(310) 825-7348
Office Mailing Address:
110 Westwood Plaza
Cornell Hall, Suite D515
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481

   Ph.D. Harvard University Department of Economics, 2003
      Advisors: Drew Fudenberg, David Laibson, and Al Roth
      Thesis: Bargaining Behind Bars: Peer and Strategic Interactions in Theory and Data
   Bachelors of Science with honors in Mathematics; Stanford University, 1998
      Thesis: Non-Archimedean Probabilities and the Foundations of Rationality

Current Academic Position:
   Associate Professor of Economics with tenure: UCLA Anderson School of Management
   Associate Editor: Behavioral Science and Policy

Current Non-Academic Position:
   Head of Economic Research: Uber Technologies

Past Positions:
   2008-2013: Associate Professor of Economics: Yale School of Management
   2003-2008: Assistant Professor of Economics: Yale School of Management

Research Fields:
   Applied Microeconomic Theory with a focus in Behavioral Economics

Teaching Fields:
   Behavioral Economics and Business Strategy

Grants and Awards:
   2013: Science, Editors' Choice for "The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior"
   2011: Yale SOM Alumni Association, Annual Teaching Award
   2008: Roger F. Murray Prize, The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance
   2008: American Law and Economics Review Distinguished Article Prize
   2006-2011: National Science Foundation research grant
   2006-2007: Behavioral economics research grant, Russell Sage Foundation
   2005-2007: Neuroeconomics; Whitebox Advisors Research Grant, Yale ICF, Behavioral Finance Initiative
   2004-2006: Capuchin Research; Whitebox Advisors Research Grant, Yale ICF, Behavioral Finance Initiative
   2004: Behavioral Economics Field-Study Research Grant, Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies

   2013-present: Business Strategy, UCLA Anderson School of Management (required)
   2008-2013: Introduction to Game Theory, Yale School of Management (required)
   2008-2013: Introduction to Managerial Economics, Yale School of Management (required)
   2005-2013: Behavioral Economics and Strategy, Yale University (elective)
   2004-2008: Negotiating Strategy; Yale School of Management (elective)
   2003-2008: Economics Analysis: Yale School of Management (required)

Published and Forthcoming Papers:
For abstracts and drafts, please see my Papers page

Future Tense and Economic Decisions: Controlling for Cultural Evolution
Joint with Sean Roberts and James Winters
July 2015

The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets
Science: Editors' Choice
American Economic Review, April 2013

Additional analyses and tables in an online appendix.

Are Women Overinvesting in Education? Evidence from the Medical Profession
Joint with Judy Chevalier
Journal of Human Capital
, Summer 2012

Intertemporal Choice and Legal Constraints
Joint with Alan Schwartz
American Law and Economic Review, Spring 2012

The Evolution of Decision-Making Under Risk: Framing Effects in Monkey Risk Preferences
Joint with Venkat Lakshminarayanan & Laurie Santos
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, May 2011

How to Study Choice-Induced Attitude Change: Strategies for Fixing the Free-Choice Paradigm
Joint with Jane Risen
Social and Personality Psychology Compass, December 2010

How Choice Affects and Reflects Preferences: Revisiting the Free-Choice Paradigm
Joint with Jane Risen
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, October 2010

This paper builds on an earlier working paper:
Rationalization and Cognitive Dissonance: Do Choices Affect or Reflect Preferences?

Is Choice a Reliable Predictor of Choice? A Comment on Sagarin and Skowronski
Joint with Jane Risen
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, February 2009

The Evolution of Rational and Irrational Economic Behavior: Evidence and Insight from a Non-human Primate Species
Joint with Laurie Santos
This is a book chapter from Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain
Academic Press: Elsevier, 2009

The Endowment Effect in Capuchin Monkeys
Joint with Venkat Lakshminarayanan & Laurie Santos
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, December 2008

Modeling a Presidential Prediction Market
Joint with Jonathan E. Ingersoll and Edward H. Kaplan
Management Science, August 2008

The Taste for Leisure, Career Choice, and the Returns to Education
Joint with Judith Chevalier
Economics Letters, May 2008

Do Harsher Prison Conditions Reduce Recidivism? A Discontinuity-Based Approach
American Law and Economics Review Distinguished Article Prize of 2008
Joint with Jesse Shapiro
American Law and Economic Review, June 2007

How Basic are Behavioral Biases? Evidence from Capuchin-Monkey Trading Behavior
Joint with Venkat Lakshminarayanan & Laurie Santos
Journal of Political Economy, June 2006

Some Thoughts on the Adaptive Function of Inequity Aversion: An Alternative to Brosnan’s Social Hypothesis
Joint with Laurie Santos
Social Justice Research, June 2006

Modeling Reciprocation and Cooperation in Primates: Evidence for a Punishing Strategy
Joint with Marc Hauser
Journal of Theoretical Biology, May 2005

Give Unto Others: Genetically Unrelated Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys Preferentially Give Food to Those Who Altruistically Give Food Back
Joint with Marc Hauser, Frances Chen & Emmeline Chuang
Proceedings of the Royal Society, Nov 2003

External Presentations, 2004-Present:

   Stanford Economics Department, Behavioral Economics Seminar (11-6-2017)
   Northwestern Law and Economics Seminar (10-26-2017)
   UCLA Anderson, Alumni Board Meeting (9-16-2017)
   UCLA Luskin, The Future of Humans as Sensors Conference (8-25-2017)
   UCLA Office of Information Technology, CIO Exchange Dinner (5-18-2017)
   MSI Conference on Marketing Analytics (2-09-2017)
   Harvard Computer Science Department (1-19-2017)
   White House, Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Economy (11-17-2016)
   UCLA Anderson, Board of Visitors Retreat (11-04-2016)
   UCLA Psychology Department, Cognitive Forum (10-21-2016)
   USC Dornsife INET, Conference on Big Data (10-21-2016)
   Games / EC 2016 Maastricht, Plenary Talk (7-27-2016)
   NABE Annual Big Data Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (6-21-2016)
   Behavioral Science and Policy Annual Conference: Putting Behavioral Insights to Work (4-29-2016)
   NABE Data/Tech MeetUp, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (4-25-2016)
   CES 2016, Easton Technology Management Center (1-16-2016)
   AEA Meetings, Econometric Society: Topics in eCommerce (1-4-2016)
   RAND Applied Microeconomics Seminar (10-19-2015)
   OPower Visiting Scholar Talk (7-14-2015)
   UCLA SoCal Operations Research/Operation Management Day (5-22-2015)
   USC Center for Economic and Social Research Seminar (5-18-2015)
   Yale School of Management Faculty Seminar (2-5-2015)
   Princeton University Civitas Foundation Finance Seminar (2-4-2015)
   UCSD Cognitive Science Seminar (5-2-2014)
   UCLA Psychology: Developmental Psychology Seminar (4-7-2014)
   University of Michigan: Dept of Economics, School of Information, and Ross Business School, Joint Seminar (3-17-2014)
   University of Zürich Department of Economics Seminar (12-6-2013)
   Bonn Graduate School of Economics Seminar (12-4-2013)
   SHARE User Conference, Belgium, Keynote (11-28-2013)
   University of Chicago Rational Choice Seminar (11-12-13)
   Berkeley BCRN Conference Seminar (10-11-13)
   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Research Seminar (9-16-13)
   MIT Sloan Marketing Seminar (4-1-13)
   NYU Industrial Organization Seminar (3-26-13)
   Wellesley Economics Department (3-14-13)
   Harvard Economics Department, Labor / Public Finance Joint Seminar (3-13-13)
   Microsoft Research (2-22-13)
   Carnegie Mellon, Center for Behavioral and Decision Research (1-31-13)
   McGill University, Department of Economics (12-7-12)
   University of Minnesota, Carlson SOM (11-26-12)
   London School of Economics (11-6-12)
   UCSD, Rady School of Management (10-31-12)
   UCLA, Interdisciplinary Group in Behavioral Decision Making (10-26-12)
   INFORMS, invited speaker (10-14-12)
   Boston University SOM (10-12-12)
   Harvard Business School (9-19-12)
   Linguistics Data Consortium 20th Anniversary Workshop (9-6-12)
   TED Global, Edinburgh Scotland (6-28-12)
   Stanford Linguistics Department (4-5-12)
   Stanford GSB and Economics Department (4-2-12)
   Yale Linguistics Department (1-20-12)
   Wharton Decision Processes Colloquium (10-17-11)
   Behavioral Economics Annual Meeting (5-23-11)
   Yale Law School, Law, Economics and Organizations Seminar (4-14-11)
   Caltech, Brain, Mind, and Society Seminar Series (3-3-11)
   CFA Finance Seminar (7-26-10)
   UCLA, Marketing Summer Conference (5-22-10)
   Simon Fraser University, Biological Basis of Behavioral Economics (5-16-10)
   INSEAD, Decision Sciences and Economics (5-6-10)
   Aalto University, School of Economics (5-3-10)
   Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics (10-28-09)
   Harvard, Behavioral & Experimental Economics Workshop (10-20-09)
   Society of Experimental Social Psychology, Symposium (10-17-09)
   Caltech, Brain, Mind, and Society Seminar Series (8-12-09)
   Wharton School, Applied Economics Workshop (4-8-09)
   University of Connecticut Anthropology Department (2-17-09)
   Vanderbilt Economics Department (1-23-09)
   Vanderbilt, Law and Behavioral Biology Speaker Series (1-20-09)
   Yale Cognitive Science, Primate Social Psychology Conference (11-8-08)
   University of Chicago, Rational Choice Workshop (10-21-08)
   SQA Neurofinance Conference (5-30-08)
   American Bar Association, Behavioral Economics and Ethical Decision Making (5-29-08)

   Todai-Yale Universities, Mind, Brain, and Society Conference (4-25-08)
   Cornell University, Economics Department Seminar (4-11-08)
   The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance (4-1-08)
   Cornell University, Behavioral Economics and Decision Research Workshop (1-29-08)
   Cornell University, Behavioral Economics Seminar (10-23-07)
   Yale School of Public Health (9-17-07)
   NBER Law and Economics Summer Institute (7-26-07)
   Yale ISPS (4-24-07)
   Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (4-03-07)
   Wesleyan University, Economics Seminar (10-11-06)
   New York University, IO Day (9-15-06)
   University of California Berkeley, Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy (6-29-06)
   Carnegie Mellon Decision Sciences Seminar (2-28-06)
   Wharton Decision Processes Seminar (11-21-05)
   University of California Berkeley, Psychology and Economics Seminar (10-18-05)
   University of Chicago, Applications of Economics Workshop (4-11-05)
   Yale Law School, Law, Economics and Organizations Seminar (4-7-05)
   University of Connecticut, Anthropology Seminar (2-10-05)
   Brown, Applied-Microeconomics Seminar (9-23-04)
   Caltech, Neuroscience Seminar (5-13-04)
   University of California San Diego, Applied-Microeconomics Seminar (5-12-04)