Collaboration. It has become a business buzzword. Coincidentally, it's the ingredient in the Anderson secret sauce that most separates us from other business schools. While school can be competitive, here it's not a dog-eat-dog, sharp elbows kind of environment. Whether in mock interviews, case competitions, or consulting as a team for companies as part of our Applied Management Research program, the old adage that two heads are better than one proves to be true time and time again.

In this issue, we examine the idea of visionary leadership and how it may well be at odds with collaboration. We've interviewed some interesting leaders from Mattel, Virgin and within our own ranks to learn how collaboration is truly what's next in management.

We also uncover the hottest topics that affect our students and the companies that hire them: the perceived hype around data analytics, how online learning works and doesn't work with the modern MBA, and the current status of Miami as an international business hub.

Enjoy this issue and, as always, don't hesitate to reach out any time with your comments or ideas.

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Regina Regazzi

Regina Regazzi
Assistant Dean and Director
Parker Career Management Center