UCLA Anderson offers a powerful new social impact specialization, as well as many other opportunities for students to engage in social impact through courses,
clubs, organizations, fellowships and field programs.




You must take this course to qualify for the Social Impact Specialization

MGMT 298D – Impact Creation, Analysis and Evaluation (4 units)

B. Chowdhry, Winter 2018

Category I Courses – Social Impact
MGMT 298D – Social Entrepreneurship (4 units)

G. Northrop, Spring 2018

MGMT 246A – Business and the Environment (4 units)

M. Delmas, Winter 2018

MGMT 225 – Law and Management of Nonprofit Organizations (4 units)

J. Guerin, Spring 2018

MGMT 293C – Ethical Considerations in Business (4 units)

B. Cockrum, Fall 2017

MGMT 298E – Affordable Housing Development (4 units)

Paul Habibi; not offered in 2017–2018

MGMT 245 – Business of Health Care: A Global Perspective (4 units)

A. Mahajan, Spring 2018

MGMT 275 – Current Topics in Emerging Tech and Markets: Health Care Technology (2 units)

R. Doumani and J. McCaney, Winter 2018

MGMT 271A – Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Med Tech (4 units)

R. Doumani & J. McCaney, Winter 2018

MGMT 298H – Real-World Challenges Leaders Face (2 units)

B. Cockrum, Winter 2017

MGMT 298D – Responsible Supply Chain Management (proposed)

Not offered in 2017–2018

MGMT 298D – Strategic Issues in Philanthropy (proposed), Microfinance and Fin-Tech (proposed) (each 2 units)

Not offered in 2017–2018

MGMT 298E - Fin Tech: Cryptography, Blockchain & Contracting (2 units)

B. Chowdhry, Winter 2018

MGMT 298E - Understanding Politics: The Global Context for Doing Business (2 units)

C. Loh, Winter 2018

MGMT 250D - Patterns of Problem Solving (4 units)

I. Firstenberg, Fall 2017

MGMT 458 - Global Immersion: Social Entrepreneurship in South Africa (4 units)

G. Northrop, Summer/Fall 2018

MGMT 467 – Real-world Challenges Leaders Face (4 units)

B. Cockrum, Spring 2018

Category II Courses – Innovation and Business Acumen

Choose at least one course (4 units) from Category II electives

MGMT 214 – Managerial Decision-Making
MGMT 215B – Market Entry Strategy

MGMT 224 – Topics in Business Law

MGMT 265 – Brand Management

MGMT 266A – New Product Development

MGMT 295A – Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation

MGMT 295B – Small Business Management

MGMT 240F – Global Supply Chain Management

MGMT 295C – Corporate Entrepreneurship

MGMT 295D – Business Plan Development

MGMT 240E – Managing Entrepreneurial Operations

MGMT 284C – Managing Entrepreneurial Organizations

MGMT 460A (EMBA only) – Managing and Financing the Emerging Enterprise


MGMT 297D – International Business Strategy

MGMT 297E – Business and Economics in Emerging Markets

MGMT 253 – International Political Economy

MGMT 406 – Global Economy

MGMT 298D – Evolution and Innovation in the Global Mobile Industry

Note: All UCLA Anderson students complete the required field study project in lieu of a thesis. MBAs specializing in Social Impact may complete a social impact Applied Management Research (AMR) project if approved by the Faculty Director of Impact@Anderson (counts for two courses, or 8 units). Students completing a social impact AMR take the required MGMT 298D course and may choose either a Category I or a Category II course for their final 4 units

Impact Curriculum

Field Programs


Field programs are designed help solve real-world problems by immersing students in boots-on-the-ground field study. They conduct empirical research in partnership with leading companies dedicated to social impact. All MBA students complete the field study requirement.

Real-World Experiences:

impact @ Andersonimpact @ Anderson
impact @ Anderson


National competitions give UCLA Anderson students the chance to put their social impact skills on display for many national and international companies. We are a large supporter of these competitions and encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities. Some competitions include:

Competitions include:

Net Impact Case Competition Challenges in Energy Case Competition Knapp Venture Competition


Numerous clubs and organizations focusing on social, environmental and economic impact exist at UCLA Anderson. Through these associations, students are able to apply their business skills in a positive way.


UCLA Anderson offers a range of fellowships geared to offset the cost of tuition so students can fully dedicate themselves to their studies.

Anne Tsui’s Dare to Care Award
Anderson Latino Management Association Fellowship Fund
James Cole Memorial Fellowship
UCLA Anderson GLBA Alumni And Friends Fellowship
The Evelyn And David Hou Fellowship
Hannah And Thormund Miller Scholar
Peter Odebjer Memorial Fund Fellowship
Price Center Haskamp Fellowship
Stacey A. Salomon Memorial Fellowship
Stefanie L. Verkauf Memorial Fellowship
The Non-Profit Management Fellowship
Terri D. Bullock Fellowship

Career Support

Throughout the course of their time at UCLA Anderson, students have several opportunities to partner with some of the world’s biggest and best companies and organizations on social impact projects. Following graduation, many students have already built relationships with these companies, opening the door for further collaboration and employment.

Impossible Foods Toms National Park Service
The Honest Company Homeboy Industries Whitewave Foods
Tesla OneHood Thrive Market

Global Impact


Each year our Applied Management Research, Global Access Program and Strategic Management Research student consulting teams partner with organizations across the globe to enable them to take a deeper look at social impact issues and gain first-hand experience in the field. These programs represent the masters theses for the students involved.


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