Our Purpose

UCLA Anderson, and UCLA at large, share a long-standing mission to lift the community to which we belong,
as well as the greater world around us.

The 21st century calls for a holistic approach to business and social enterprise to help solve the most challenging social and environmental issues affecting future generations. The lines continue to blur among traditional for-profit businesses, nonprofit service deliverers and the social sector, particularly with the growth of benefit and flexible purpose corporations. Now more than ever, consumers and community members demand transparency, social responsibility and positive impact from the companies and organizations with which they engage. As global challenges become local opportunities, businesses must adapt and differentiate on the social and environmental outcomes they achieve.

With a commitment to creating the next generation of leaders, UCLA Anderson is primed to achieve impact around the world. Whether impact is delivered through technology, health care innovation, climate and sustainability initiatives, educational infrastructure, private enterprise or policy changes, each of these contributions is amplified through managerial effectiveness and cutting-edge research.

A UCLA Anderson MBA specialization in Social Impact allows students to build in-depth expertise on a chosen career path, while customizing academic preparation to lead transformational social change in any sector. The specialization functions as a guide to students in planning their learning experience at Anderson. It encourages students to graduate with a common language and comprehensive understanding of positive social impact.

Impact @ Anderson

Global Impact


Anderson students create global impact through international field study projects, partnering with businesses and NGOs to arrive at innovative solutions.

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