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Even before the emergence of COVID-19, health care was one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, if not the world. Now, with an even more critical focus, UCLA Anderson has expanded its health care-related research and course offerings to meet the needs of this rapidly-changing area, in addition to our usual variety of health care programs and events. Explore all of our health care offerings below.


Other Research


Keith Chen, et. al: “The Taste for Leisure, Career Choice and the Returns to Education”

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Hengchen Dai, et al: “The Impact of Time at Work and Time off from Work on Rule Compliance: The Case of Hand Hygiene in Health Care”

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Hengchen Dai, et al: “The Effect of Interactive Reminders on Medication Adherence: A Randomized Trial”

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Hengchen Dai, et al: “Motivating Process Compliance Through Individual Electronic Monitoring: An Empirical Examination of Hand Hygiene in Health Care”

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Hengchen Dai , et. al: Effectiveness of Medication Adherence Reminders Tied to ‘Fresh Start’ Dates: A Randomized Clinical Trial”

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Health Care Research in the UCLA Anderson Review


Upcoming Events and Programs


PMFO-UCLA Head Start Management Fellows Program

June 21 - July 2, 2020

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The UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program

July 6-16, 2020

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