UCLA Anderson GAP Company Executive Testimonials


Giovanni Giuffrida

Giovanni Giuffrida, CEO of Neodata Group, which optimizes the delivery of digital content, sales and audience reach, says of his GAP experience,

“It was very positive... We were looking to obtain an inexpensive business plan for our U.S. market entry and GAP fit exactly what we were thinking about. Our team was made of up great students from a great organization.”


Joao Molinari

Joao Molinari Junior, International Business Director at Canova do Brasil,
a homeopathic company headquartered in Brazil,
describes his GAP experience as

“Excellent.” He says that the students were amazing, and there was “excellent harmony.” He adds, “It met all of my expectations. A UCLA-sponsored project is great.”


Patrik Louko

Patrik Louko is the General Manager of North American Operations at Footbalance, a Finnish company that has created a system to rapidly produce customized shoe insoles.

“We had a great experience and we really learned a lot... We had a really good team with expertise in finance, sales, marketing and engineering. You can’t get this kind of project anywhere for the same price.”


Simon Oxenham

The GAP team visit to the Convic Skateparks produced dramatic results. Simon Oxenham is the Managing Director of Convic, which designs and constructs skate parks.

“The team identified a cultural divide with the organization... We immediately implemented the recommendation and saw a cultural shift, which boosted morale. It was as though we had a different company.”


Joao Vitola

Quanta Diagnóstico e Terapia, a medical clinic which specializes in diagnostic services and treatments, was interested in fostering cooperation between the U.S. and Brazil in the medical research area and increase U.S. sponsored clinical trials in Brazil. Cardiologist Joao Vitola comments about his work with the GAP team.

“They made a significant contribution... They were hard working and they took the job very seriously. They did profound and deep research that brought us new and useful information.”


Eero Pekkola

Eero Pekkola is the CEO of Oilon, an environmental
and energy technology company based in Finland.

"The GAP team gave us what they promised: knowledge of the U.S. market... The students found a solution for us."


Chris Hopkins

Scott Technology, which designs, manufactures, sells and services automated production and process machinery, participated in the GAP Program two previous years. With two additional projects in the 2011 program, Chief Executive Chris Hopkins describes the benefits:

“The main value for us is the research and we are very pleased with the insights.” He also points out the advantage of interacting with other companies, as well as the UCLA environment.


Alexey Kovsh

For the first year, GAP welcomed a company from Russia. Optogan offers a wide range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly solid state lighting solutions, such as light-emitting diodes (LED) and luminaires.

“We had a very good experience with GAP... Everyone from our company, who was involved with GAP, really appreciated the quality of the work that was done by the students.”


Cristina Buemi

Cristina Buemi is the general Manager of Dipro Medical Devices SRL, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices.

“GAP provides companies with great tools to grow their business... The GAP students had a very open-minded mentality and working with our team was an excellent experience.”