Key Dates & Schedules

2020 Gap Recruiting and Project Matching Schedule


This timeline highlights the key dates for the recruiting and team matching phase

Sep. 2019 - April 2020 GAP International Project recruiting
Rolling Admissions Period
Sep. 2020 - April 2020 Company acceptances sent via email
Sunday, April 1 GAP company application deadline
Teams begin to review company applications and marketing materials
Sunday, May 12 Teams submit their first round of bids for their preferred GAP companies
Monday, May 20 GAP office posts results of first round bids to assign teams to companies
Sunday, May 26 Second round of bidding, teams not matched in first round will submit new bids
Wednesday, May 30 GAP office posts results of second round bids
Student teams begin contacting company executives to introduce themselves

2019 Gap Company Event Schedule


This section highlights key company program dates

Friday, July 19
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Reception for Company Executives
Attire: Business Casual
Saturday, July 20
Company Launch Day 1
Attire: Business Casual
Location: UCLA Anderson School
Sunday, July 21
Company Launch Day 2
Attire: Business Casual
Location: UCLA Anderson School
Saturday, Dec 7
Final Presentations
Attire: Business
Location: UCLA Carnesale and Covel Commons